Forget good old missionary! You should try these sex positions this month


It’s not about running through a Kama Sutra checklist. If you love having sex in classic positions like the missionary or doggy position, then that is completely fine. For everyone who wants to try something new in bed, here are five slightly more unusual sex positions…

In most relationships, closeness and intimacy play a particularly important role when it comes to sex. Skin to skin is the name of the game. Want a little inspiration or something new to try? Here you go!  

The Swing  

This position provides extra closeness and relaxation at the same time. On the swing, the pair sits opposite each other – one carefully sits on the lap of the other. To maintain balance, both now support themselves with the arms positioned behind their backs. Now it’s on: both perform circular, rocking movements and look deep into each other’s eyes as they find an even rhythm. The way to the climax cannot be more gentle and intimate…  

The Frog  

This sex position is not about kissing the frog in order to turn it into a prince – instead, in this position, the man sits on a chair or on the edge of the bed and the woman turns her back to him. Then she sits down on him and he gently penetrates her. Then she can take control and decide how intensely she wants to move. Meanwhile he can massage her breasts or her clitoris, so this position becomes particularly stimulating.  

The Lotus Position  

The lotus position also needs a close fit between the two partners. One person sits relaxed on the floor – as if they were relaxing cross-legged. The other now sits down on their partner and uses their legs to create an embrace. Now the person on top begins to circle their hips. The nice thing is that you can kiss each other and are so close to each other.  

The Elephant  

This is, so to speak, the cuddly variant of doggy style. One person lies very relaxed on their belly, while the other nestles tenderly into their back. By raising or lowering the pelvis, the person on the bottom can determine how deeply they’re penetrated. To make it even more comfortable, you can either put a pillow under yourself or switch to the side position at some point. The main thing is skin to skin!   

CAT Position  

At first glance, this is the good old missionary position. After initial penetration, the person on the bottom uses their legs to embrace their partner Now comes the deviation from the classic: the person on top slides carefully upwards until the pelvic bones lie on top of each other. This means extra stimulation for the clitoris and can help ensure an orgasm in this position.  

No matter which sex position you choose, there are always toys that make it a little better…


We-Vibe Chorus

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We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync

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