5 Years of Pleasure: The Womanizer Liberty Anniversary Edition

womanizer Liberty Anniversary edition

Happy Birthday, Womanizer! It was only 5 years ago that this toy first took the industry by storm – and revolutionized pleasure for everyone. To celebrate this occasion, we present the exclusive Womanizer Liberty Anniversary Edition. Discover more here…

2014: A Memorable Year

Five years ago, there was a lot going on: the German national team won the soccer world cup, Solange slapped Jay-Z in an elevator, Pharrell wore that hat to the Grammys and the “Ice Bucket Challenge” spread around the world. At the same time, in the tiny Bavarian town of Metten, a man invented a sex toy that would revolutionize its own industry.

After reading in a study that many women rarely, if ever, come to orgasm, Michael Lenke worked together with his wife Brigitte for 18 months on a toy to address this. On October 24, the Womanizer debuted on the global stage – making a strong first impression in leopard print and topped with a chic Swarovski gem. The revolutionary thing about the new toy was the groundbreaking Pleasure Air Technology™, which still can only be found in Womanizer products.

A completely new category of sex toys

Clitoral stimulators using air vibrations to stimulate and create pleasure? It was simply unheard of until five years ago. Now, thanks to its unique technology, the Womanizer has sparked enthusiasm among women worldwide. To date, three million toys in over 60 countries have been delivered to happy customers. In addition to the Pleasure Air Technology, some Womanizer models have even more revolutionary features. The Autopilot™ mode gives you complete control over your pleasure, while the Smart Silence™ function, is highly sensitive to touch. The toy is only active when in contact with the skin. These days the Womanizer Pro models still sport the classic leopard print look. Most models feature ergonomic shapes and sleek design. For those who are looking for a real collector’s item: to celebrate their 5th anniversary, Womanizer has launched the Liberty in a completely new colorway.

The Liberty Anniversary Edition: Celebrate Independence!

The Liberty travel vibrator is the most ideal travel companion among the Womanizer models. It comes with a magnetic cap and six intensity levels, easy two-button operation and doesn’t take up too much space in the suitcase. The limited edition color “Pearl White” is so chic that there’s no need to hide your toy in the nightstand. And, because no birthday party is complete without decorations, every Liberty Anniversary Edition comes with an “I Masturbate” banner. This is in reference to the current Womanizer campaign, which aims to help put an end to the stigma surrounding masturbation – because our  message is that masturbation is self-love in action. Thanks to a man in southern Bavaria, who already knew this 5 years ago, we can today celebrate the Womanizer and all the pleasure it helps make a reality. Here’s to Womanizer!

Discover Womanizer LIBERTY Anniversary Edition

Womanizer LIBERTY Anniversary Edition – At a glimpse

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