A daily orgasm for better skin?

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When Lady Gaga was asked about the secret to her beauty a few years ago, we weren’t shocked by her answer, but the fact that a 26-year-old woman would be asked such a question at all. Nevertheless, the public focused more on the singer confessing that her complexion was down to multiple orgasms. The connection between orgasm and better skin is hardly a revelation, or is it?

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The fame of the radiant, post-coital glow is matched only by the glow of the pre-natal woman. Good sex is written all over a person’s face, irrespective of whether a sexual partner was involved or masturbation was practiced. According to experts, it’s precisely this glow after sex that has a positive effect on our skin.

Orgasm for better skin? It’s all in the hormones

Clinical and forensic sexual researcher Eric Marlowe Garrison has researched the subject for a number of years. “Sex increases blood flow. That’s why the skin attains a youthful glow,” he previously explained. The reason behind this youthful glow is the expansion of the blood vessels, which deliver more oxygen to the blood. The oxygen then contributes to collagen synthesis.

Furthermore, during orgasm the body is flooded with various hormones, including endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and DHEA. These are known to increase wellbeing, strengthen the immune system and have a stress-reducing effect, all of which can help to improve the appearance of skin. After all, stress is the number one cause of wrinkles. Additionally, sex and masturbation are stress-reducing practices that can help minimize the risk of inflammation. A lower inflammatory potential also reduces the appearance of acne, swelling and even wrinkles.

Scientific studies still don’t exist. So why not test yourself?

According to sexologist Garrison, masturbation may be even more effective and beneficial than sex with a partner – especially for women. “Women tend to relax more during masturbation than sex,” said Garrison. Sex with a partner on the other hand is a great workout and can be diaphoretic. Perspiration helps to flush out toxins from the skin and stimulates the generation of cutaneous sebum.

So far, so comprehensible. However, there still exist no reliable scientific studies that establish a causal link between orgasms and better skin. So why not just find out the truth about orgasms for yourself!? There’s nothing wrong with being the subject of your own experimentations, is there? All in the name of science of course…

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