Anal vibrators: Everything you need to know

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The O*Diaries team dive into the world of anal vibrators and offer an informative guide on how to use them for the first time… Even though the anus is full of sensitive nerve endings that feel awesome when stimulated, a lot of guys are still a little apprehensive about engaging in anal play.

Prostate stimulation can lead to mind-blowing orgasms and a sensation that until tried you cannot imagine. Perhaps you have dabbled in a little anal finger play before and are curious about trying more. Or perhaps you and your partner would like to experiment a little with anal play. Well, sex toys like anal vibrators can be a fun and safe way to get started.

Let’s dive into all you need to know about getting started with anal vibrators.

What are anal vibrators?

Anal vibrators, also known as prostate massagers, are toys specifically designed to be inserted into – you guessed it – your butt. They typically feature a curvature that is designed to stimulate the prostate gland. They feature motors that vibrate and stimulate different erogenous zones, most typically the prostate gland and the perineum (taint).

Are anal vibrators the same as anal plugs?

Not exactly. While you do stick both up your butt, anal vibrators are designed in a way that can stimulate the prostate. Some anal vibrators are designed to sit in place, similar to an anal plug. Whereas some anal vibrators are more like a dildo and can be slid in and out. This has led to some people using these terms interchangeably.

These toys differ to male masturbators which are typically a sleeve that you insert the penis into. These have often been classified as “straight” toys whereas anal toys such as butt plugs have often been characterized as gay sex toys. However, these distinctions are now largely seen as irrelevant and sex toys are non-sexuality specific.

Why should you try anal vibrators?

For guys, the biggest reason is the mythical prostate orgasm. The male prostate is considered to be the male G-spot, sometimes called the p-spot This is a type of orgasm that results from stimulating the highly sensitive prostate gland. While this can be achieved using your fingers it’s much easier to achieve using an anal vibrator, which is specifically designed to target the right area. Anal vibrators can also be fun to use together as a couple, during foreplay or during sex to heighten sensation.

How to use anal vibrators in your sex life?

So how can you use anal vibrators in your sex life? The answer is however you like. Depending on the type of anal vibrator. For example, the Vector+ by WeVibe is designed to work more like an anal vibrator. This means that You can insert it and leave it there while you engage in any kind of sexual activity. Once you insert it, you will notice that the pressure around your prostate increases, causing you to feel more aroused than without the anal vibrator.

For you:

Masturbation – an anal vibrator such as the Vector+ by WeVibe can stimulate the perineum and prostate at the same time will greatly intensify your sensation.

During sex – the advantage of a toy like the Vector+ is that you can wear it hands-free during sex, leaving your hands free to stimulate your partner.

For your partner:

Your partner can also use anal vibrator during any kind of sexual activity. For particularly strong orgasms try combing anal stimulation with clitoral stimulation. This can be done in several ways so use your imagination.

If you are thinking about trying anal sex, an anal vibrator is a good way to get the anus used to this kind of stimulation before you move on to penetration. It relaxes the muscles and makes anal sex easier.

We-Vibe Vector

We-Vibe Vector+

We-Vibe Ditto

We-Vibe Ditto

How to talk about anal vibrators in a couple?

Have you talked about trying an anal vibrator before? If this is the first time talking about introducing a sex toy, it’s probably best to first tell your partner you want to talk about your sex life. Create a comfortable and safe atmosphere to express your desires. And if anal play will involve your partner as well, remember to discuss your boundaries before engaging.

Perhaps you are keen to try anal sex with your partner but are also unsure how to express this. During your discussion listen carefully to her responses when she expresses desires. Has she expressed any desires for anal play before? An anal vibrator is a much less intimidating way to get started with anal play. And remember, if she’s not into it, just let it go.

Anal vibrators: Beginner’s guide

Using an anal plug for the first time may seem a little intimidating, but these quick tips will ensure your first time goes smoothly.

  1. Get the right toy for you – When looking for the best anal vibrator for you, you want to find one that is not too wide – as your butt is not used to this stimulation yet. The Vector+ by WeVibe is one of the best anal vibrators for beginners. This remote control butt plug-style vibrator allows you to control the intensity of the vibrations as both the perineum and the prostate are for maximum pleasure.
  2. Go to the bathroom/clean — let’s not get gross here. But yes number two. This helps ensure the anus is fully clean during play. Take a shower and make sure to clean the anal entrance thoroughly. Use mild soap. Try to clean slightly inside, use a finger about an inch inside the entrance. Ensure your fingers are clean as well.
  3. Try a finger first — before entering with the toy, try lubing up a finger and gently sliding it inside. Your finger is significantly smaller than the anal vibrator, so it helps the anus get used to the feeling.
  4. Lube up the anal vibrator — Use a water-based lube (silicone-based lube may damage your toy) and use plenty of it. This will reduce any friction and allow the toy to enter more easily.
  5. Massage the opening — before you push the toy all the way in, massage and stimulate the anal open with the toy. As you begin to feel more comfortable, slide the anal plug further in. You will know when it is in as far as it should be because you will feel a slight decrease in pressure and the toy will sit in the right place naturally.
  6. Leave it in for as long as you feel comfortable — You can leave the anal plug in during masturbation and sex, but only as long as you feel comfortable. If you feel any discomfort, stop and take it out.
  7. (When using with a partner) Be gentle — if you have already tried the anal vibrator on yourself, you will know how it feels, so when entering or removing the toy remember to be very gentle.

Enter the world of anal play today

An anal vibrator can unlock a new type of orgasm for men. Take the leap and enter the world of anal play today.

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