Call in, man! The world’s first masturbation hotline from Arcwave

Arcwave Voy

Sure, guys might like to chat about sex after a couple beers with their buds at the bar, but what about talking seriously about sex? That’s more difficult… until now. Arcwave have set up the world’s first masturbation hotline. Men can call and finally ask the questions they might not have dared to ask before. Let’s talk about sex, baby!  

 Taking the Taboo out of Masturbation  

A large-scale study by Arcwave shows that 47% of men (almost) never talk about masturbation with friends or partners. Silence often stems from insecurity, shame or discomfort, with many only talking about these topics with doctors or therapists. With this in mind, sex toy manufacturer Arcwave is launching the world’s first masturbation advice hotline, offering information, techniques, facts and tips about masturbation and the use of sex toys, as well as how mental and physical health can be improved by sexual wellness. 

Johanna Rief, Head of Sexual Empowerment at Arcwave, comments, “Unfortunately, masturbation is still a taboo for all gender identities around the world. But the discussion about the health and wellness benefits of masturbation has been led by the women’s movement over the last decade. Opening this new line of communication with males can help them develop a similar attitude toward masturbation, making this healthy, wellness-oriented – and FUN – routine more relevant.”

Arcwave Voy

Arcwave Voy

The Arcwave Voy plays with pressure for ideal penis stimulation.

A new sex toy for a new masturbation experience: Arcwave Voy  

Not only is the topic of ‘male masturbation’ being talked about more and more, there are also more and more innovative sex toys for men. Arcwave’s new release is Voy –  a high-quality masturbator for a whole new orgasmic experience. Voy adapts to any penis thanks to the Tightness Adjustment System and stimulates special pleasure receptors in the shaft with gentle pressure, resulting in unique, intense climaxes. The TAS is activated by turning a dial which increases or decreases tension and allows easy switching between tightness settings.  When properly stimulated, a whole new sensation of pleasure is created – significantly more intense than manual masturbation.  

“According to our latest global study from 2021, 55 percent of men worldwide masturbate without the use of assistive devices. We took this as an opportunity to take the familiar hand-held experience to the next level. Arcwave VOY makes this possible in two ways. The innovative CleanTech silicone creates a unique, ultra-soft feel that human hands and other non-Arcwave strokers cannot provide. In addition, the tightness adjustment system effortlessly intensifies pleasure by targeting the Merkel-Ranvier receptors of the penis,” says Johanna Rief.

The countries where the hotline is active:

United States: +1 800-764-1545

Australia: +61288800463

United Kingdom: +44 800 102 6796

Germany: +49 30 21783457

Spain: +34 912 90 78 69

France: +33 1 87659816

Hong Kong: +852 5801 6768

Canada: +1 800-399-9785

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