In the name of journalism, I’ve been tied up at Shibari Japanese rope bondage classes, visited porn cinemas and met my match at a pheromone dating party. I’ve sat with directors on porn sets, observed girl-on-girl sensual massages and watched a dominatrix spank a client in an upmarket London hotel room (she even ordered us room service halfway through). Although my career writing about sex and relationships has made something of a voyeur out of me, I’m mostly fascinated by the interconnection between sex, love and our unconscious behaviors. Our past profoundly influences our present and if we all finally began to recognize this fact, where would we be? Who would we be with?

nipple orgasm

How to have a nipple orgasm

Clitoral and vaginal orgasms might get all the attention but our columnist Coco O has recently discovered the mysterious nipple orgasm. Here, she explains what it’s all about.

first time having anal das erste Mal anal

My First Time Anal Sex Experience: Our Author Tells All

For so many years our author had gotten by with average sex. The only penetration from a penis she had experienced was vaginal – no clitoral stimulation, no toys and most definitely no anal sex. It was only once she had a new partner, a new level of comfort and new self-confidence that she discovered a new way of enjoying sex…and it was her first time having anal sex!