The Best Sex Toy Reviews on YouTube


When it comes to best sex toys, the market is definitely crowded. So how do you know what to choose for yourself? Video reviews are a great resource as you not only get a good overview of what each product is like, you also get to see and hear the toy too. 

It’s one thing to claim a toy is whisper quiet but many of us have ordered a cheap knock-off online and soon discovered that the whole household knows when it’s turned on – and that’s definitely a turn off for you.

So let’s check out the most helpful and fun reviews of toys on YouTube. The reviewers range from sex toy afficionados to sex therapists, so you can get to know products from a variety of perspectives.

#1 Venus O’Hara – We-Vibe MELT

Celebrated YouTuber Venus O’Hara seems to have tried every toy under the sun – so we definitely value her expert opinion when it comes to toys and, in this case, the MELT from We-Vibe.

#2 Dr Nikki Goldstein – We-Vibe SYNC

We trust doctors with everything – after all, they’re kind of the experts on all things anatomical. Watch Dr Nikki Goldstein to find out everything you need to know on the We-Vibe SYNC!

#3 Tawney Seren – Womanizer DUO

The DUO might look a little intimidating, but this review has us convinced that the combination of rumbling vibrations and gentle suction is just what we’ve been looking for!

#4 Rae Chen – Womanizer Range

This overview from Rae Chen is very helpful if you’re trying to decide which model is right for you. From the LIBERTY to the PREMIUM, Womanizer offers a lot of options. Rae helps break down the key differences between each product and what offers the best fit for you.

#5 Venus O’Hara – We-Vibe MOXIE

And to finish off, we’re back with Venus O’Hara and the MOXIE. Her reviews are so thorough you even get to see her opinions fresh after using it!

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