#ToTheStars: What’s the best sex position and toys for your star sign?


Are you a bold Leo or chilled out Pisces? When it comes to star signs, they can sometimes feel spookily insightful. They can even tell you about what kind of intimacy suits you best. From masturbation positions to bedroom moves, our guide will help align your solo sex with your star sign!

Earth Signs


December 22 – January 19


Masturbation Position: The Stand-Up 

You in a word: Ambitious

You are always on the ball, 24/7. No matter what comes your way, everyone around you knows you’ve got it under control. So why should it be any different when it comes to those intimate moments? Our recommended position for you is the Stand-Up. 

You’re always in control – especially when it comes to orgasms

All you need is a sturdy bench or table to lean against (bonus points for something in a shared space!) and your favorite toy. Of course, you’ll need something powerful and carefully designed so it fits your curves both in a standing position and as you begin to lean into the oncoming O. 

womanizer premium

The GOAT of all Toys

It might sound Capri-corny but it’s true, your passion and dedication for being the best means you deserve nothing less than perfection from your toys too. That’s why we think Womanizer PREMIUM is the way to go. With innovative features, 12 levels of intensity, and mind-blowing clitoral suction – this toy will live up to every expectation you have!



Masturbation Position: The Invisible Partner 

You in a Word: Exacting

While the Earth signs are known for their direct personality and no bull attitudes, Taureans are a little more complicated. Yes, you love the simple things but yes, you also have a taste for hedonism and luxury.

Direct personality

When it comes to self-love, you invest in your orgasms, because you know you’re worth it. It might take a little more effort to get into position but you’ll do whatever it takes for that orgasmic high you’re chasing. That’s why the Invisible Partner is perfect for you. Just pop a pillow or something flexible between your legs, balance your toy so it rests against your clitoris – and ride like a rodeo champ! 


Meet the CLASSIC

What’s the perfect balance between luxury and simplicity? The Womanizer CLASSIC. Featuring an ultra-discreet silent mode and 4 hours of play, the toy stimulates the clitoris with 8 levels of intense waves.



Masturbation Position: The Inverted V

You in a word: Real

Virgos have a well-earned reputation for being a little more in touch with reality. As an Earth sign, you always have your feet on the ground rather than your head in the clouds. You always strive for reason.

Your focus on pleasure

That makes your intimate moments even more amazing too. Rather than get caught up or consider it a performance, your focus is solely on true pleasure. That’s why the Inverted V is the perfect position for you. Inversion is a reverse of order, and it’s literally the shape of a V upside down, it’s also a reversal of the Virgo cliché.

womanizer duo o-diaries

Put the O in Virgo

Just because Virgo’s are grounded, doesn’t mean they don’t have sky-high orgasms. We recommend the Womanizer DUO for Virgos. It has dual stimulation of internal vibes and external clitoral air massage.

Water Signs



Masturbation Position: The Split

You in a Word: Sensual

Sensitive, in touch with their emotions and acutely tuned into everything going on around them. Cancerians tend to tick every box when it comes to what you want in a partner, but how about self-love or flying solo? If you’re a Cancer, you tend to miss the bells and whistles of partnered time. So why not recreate the tension and push and pull of partner play.

Why not recreate the push and pull of partner play

Your perfect position is the Split. Sit in a deep squat and feel the pressure of your calves against the back of your thighs. This might feel a little more involved than your average solo sex session, but that’s the point. Use one hand to grip your own leg or massage your own body: essentially become your own partner.


Crab-ulous Orgasms

The Split needs a toy that can securely stay in place, no matter where your focus moves. We suggest the Womanizer CLASSIC. It not only has the right curves and intuitive grip that make it so easy to use, but it also features 8 incredible levels of intensity and power.



Masturbation Position: The Wet Mermaid.

You in a word: Fantastic 

There’s nothing fishy about a Pisces preference for strong powerful orgasms. Known for your generous, empathetic personalities, you are an unquestionably popular choice as a lover. But what about when it comes to self-love? Luckily, your relaxed, easy-going nature means you can adapt to any situation (or position). But what’s a Pisces love the most? Water sports, of course.

Ocean-deep orgasms

Waterproof toys are best for them, so they can enjoy a particularly orgasmic dip! Your perfect position is the Wet Mermaid, and yes it’s almost exactly as it sounds. Grab your best waterproof toy and hit the tub. With the warm water surrounding you, it’s the perfect atmosphere for some orgasms that are ocean deep.

liberty by lily allen o-diaries

Dive deep into Orgasms!

Your orgasms should be as go-with-the-flow as you are. Waterproof toys suit you best, and you can really get down and make a splash with a toy like LIBERTY. This incredible, palm-sized pleasure machine will have you feeling like you’re diving deep into a whole new world!



Masturbation Position: The Black Scorpion 

You in a word: Passionate

Scorpios are often recognized as the edgiest of the water signs. Whereas Pisces and Cancer are more relaxed or happy to go with the flow, Scorpios are more likely to express themselves – sometimes loudly and even when it’s against the grain. Luckily, that translates well to the bedroom. Let’s be real, you’re totally into cinematic sex and all things dramatic.

Embrace the drama!

Your perfect position is the Black Scorpion. Leaning forward on your forearms, your knees will rest on the flat surface with your lower legs tilted towards the ceiling. Though it might sound athletic, you can support yourself with a pillow under your stomach if you need it. Either way, this position takes advantage of gravity and lets you angle your toy.

Womanizer DUO o diaries

A little drama with DUO

Positions like the Black Scorpion can only get better with the addition of a toy or two. In fact, why not just try a two-for-one toy. DUO offers deep internal vibes AND incredible clitoral air massage. Plus, it’s the perfect way to ensure your G-spot gets all the attention it deserves!

Fire Signs



Masturbation Position: The Easy O

You in a Word: Bold

Leos are the classic Fire sign: bright, energetic, and full of passion. These personality traits extend to the bedroom too. Whether you’re with a partner or flying solo, Leos love to heat things up when it comes to all things intimate – and that includes self-love too.

Roar with pleasure!

Your perfect position is the Easy O. Yep, it’s as good as it sounds and it’ll have you roaring with pleasure. After a long day of being the sun in your own universe, all a Leo wants to do is lie back and relax. The Easy O is perfect for this. Just find a comfortable spot, lie on your back, and raise your legs almost as if you’re stretching your paws out in the warm jungle sun.

sex toy guide

Take the stage with STARLET

Leos know they’re the headlining act when it comes to all relationships, but sharing the limelight is always an option. That’s where STARLET enters the frame. This toy is compact, yet makes an impact with intense clitoral suction that will have you seeing stars.


Masturbation Position: The Adventurer 

You in a Word: Curious

Open-minded is the first word off the tongue when you mention Sagittarians. You always like to try something new both in and out of the bedroom. Variety is the spice of life, you know that as a Sagittarius. Not only is that great news for your intimate partners, but it also means you’ll try new and exciting things for solo sex too.

Try something new

Your perfect position is the Adventurer. Stand completely upright, or lean slightly against a wall if that is more comfortable. Spread your legs to just beyond hip-width and then start exploring. One hand should be free to massage your body and if you want to add extra spice, position a mirror close by so you can watch too.

Womanizer PREMIUM

Womanizer PREMIUM

What’s the perfect companion to take on this adventure? Try the Womanizer PREMIUM.



Masturbation PositionLean Machine! 

You in a Word: Direct

While it’s not like foreplay is a dirty word, people under the Aries sign are not huge fans of messing around. They like to get to the point in life AND in the bedroom. Don’t worry though, it’s not just quickies on the menu. It just means that there’s no messing around and every moment counts when it comes to intimacy.

To the point

Your perfect position is the Lean Machine. It’s straightforward with no muss and no fuss – aka ideal for an Aries. Just face a wall with your arm raised, so you’re almost in a triangular shape. Now you can balance with one arm and leave the other free to roam. To make it even spicier, lean against a mirror, and enjoy the show…

womanizer premium eco


Try the Womanizer PREMIUM eco.  Tt’s the first ever sex toy made from sustainable, renewable materials.

Air Signs



Masturbation Position: The Mirror 

You in a Word: Complex

With the fire-filled planet of Mercury ruling your sign, nothing gets Gemini more heated than some little risqué vibes. It’s all about duality with the Gemini, and while you may be a cool-headed, easy-going person in the streets, you’re totally someone else in the sheets.

See the two sides of you come to life

Your perfect position is the Mirror. Seeing the two sides of you come to life with the help of a mirror is tailor-made for Geminis. Grab yourself some lube, or even a nice coconut oil, and take a seat in front of a mirror. Start massaging your body and apply some gentle clitoral stimulation. Remember, keep your eyes on the mirror!

You and PREMIUM: The Perfect Pair

Womanizer PREMIUM is the toy for any self-respecting Gemini. Both sides of you deserve only the best available and that is the PREMIUM. With 12 levels of intensity, autopilot mode and even waterproof design, this is toy is perfect – for both of your personalities!



Masturbation Position: The Zen  

You in a Word: Balanced

Peaceful and fair, Libras are the epitome of balance. All good things in moderation and all that jazz… except when it comes to orgasms, of course. This sense of fairness is obvious in a Libra’s style as a lover. As a partner, it’s mutual satisfaction is always a priority. The same goes for self-love too, Libra’s like to pay attention to all areas of the body.

The epitome of balance

Your perfect position is the Zen. Balance is the name of the game, so start with a full body massage. Grab some coconut oil and just rub yourself down and cover all those sensitive spots. Next up, sit cross-legged and grab a toy. Place it directly over yourself and enjoy…

Womanizer Liberty

Womanizer LIBERTY

For a personality like a Libra, you need something that will give a little push and pull – in balance of course. Why not try the literal push and pull of the Womanizer LIBERTY’s air suction massage?.



Masturbation Position: The Flow 

You in a word: Innovative.

You were the first person in your crew to try the best app-controlled vibrator and there’s a good chance you’re a virtual sex veteran. Your play with partners is just as exciting as your solo-sex sessions too. For someone who loves uncovering as much new excitement as you, the perfect toy is hard to find.

Versatile and always in style

Your perfect position is the Flow. It’s versatile and adaptable – exactly like you. And it’ll help you relax and literally go with the flow. Especially perfect for anyone with limited mobility, just lie down in the tub and angle the flow of water. Beware: you’ll need to test the water first, too hot or too cold is never much fun!

Womanizer Premium o diaries

Make a splash with PREMIUM

Womanizer PREMIUM – For someone as innovative as you…

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