Bonnie Strange & Womanizer: Mothers have orgasms too!


Most moms struggle with social expectations of what a ‘good mom’ should be like. There’s often the feeling that they can’t please anyone at all. For model and influencer Bonnie Strange, mother of a young daughter, this is nothing new, but she’s decided to fight it. Together with Womanizer, the 35-year-old has launched the ‘BadAss Mom’ edition and is campaigning for a free and fulfilling sex life for mothers – just like all women deserve.

Bonnie Strange: A #BadAss Mom against ‘Mom Shaming’

“What?! You’re a mom and you work full time? Dressing like that and going out and even having sex?! Good mothers don’t do that!”

In 2021, many mothers still have to face constant criticism and sometimes even hostility from the outside – so-called ‘mom shaming’ is widespread, especially in the online world. People like to bring out old-school clichés about what a good mother should be like, what she should do and what she should definitely not do. Model, presenter, and influencer Bonnie Strange (35) has seen this firsthand – and has also had to struggle with it quite a bit: “I used to really take it to heart. Especially in the beginning, when Goldie was just born. As a woman, you’re already measured against unrealistic ideals, online and offline, but as a mother, that takes on new dimensions. The anonymity of the internet makes mom shaming easier. Everyone always knows better and tells you how to do it ‘right’ without being asked. Especially when you’re a first-time mom, such ‘well-intentioned advice’ can be totally disruptive. In the meantime, however, I know what’s best for my child and for us, so I ignore these comments.”


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In the meantime, Bonnie has made peace with herself and her motherhood and now wants to support other women in standing up against social limitations, as well as shaping their lives the way they see fit. Of course, this includes embracing sexuality and celebrating femininity.

I’m not only a mother, I’m still a woman. That is often forgotten or ignored – and that has to change.

The BadAss Mom Edition: Joining Womanizer for Sexual Fulfillment

Bonnie sees herself as a #BadassMom – and also has a clear definition for it: “I’m a badass mom because I know I can never and will never please everyone, and I accept that and stand by it. I’m ‘badass’ because I’m against social expectations and I think that even if women are mothers, they can still be women and live a self-determined life. Because if you’re happy and content with yourself, you can be an even better mom.”


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Together with Womanizer, the young mother has now launched the BadAssMom Edition, because “embracing sexuality is an important part of a self-determined life. With this Special Edition, we want to encourage moms, in particular, to prioritize their own needs.”

For vegan Bonnie Strange, the innovative Womanizer PREMIUM eco is the ideal toy because it is made of Biolene and is completely biodegradable and recyclable. In addition to the toy’s sustainability, the 35-year-old is also excited about something else entirely: “I love the Pleasure Air technology. No time as a mom and always busy? No problem, Womanizer provides an easy, reliable, and intense orgasm in no time.”

And the team at Womanizer? It’s thrilling to have such a great partner in crime like Bonnie, who can support the mission to help women live fulfilling sex lives. “Bonnie Strange is a great partner for Womanizer and our mission: she’s bold, doesn’t mince words, and advocates for a new understanding of “motherhood,”” says Susan Wolters, Womanizer PR.

But what makes this edition a true Bonnie edition? “Animal welfare and sustainability are extremely close to my heart. The Premium eco is more or less a bio sex toy. It is made of bioplastic and can be recycled. In addition, the individual parts can be disposed of separately. And I love the product color and the packaging design – together with Womanizer we tinkered with it for a long time and now the edition is perfect!”

What does the campaign want to achieve?

Social media in particular is where negative trends like ‘mom shaming’ are spread. So why not use these same platforms for the opposite? For Bonnie Strange, it’s clear that the #badassmom campaign is meant to make a difference:

We want to educate about the impossible and harmful expectations that society, meaning all of us, have of mothers. No matter what we do or how we do it, everything is valued these days. If we take time for ourselves, we are selfish. If we don’t take time for ourselves, we let ourselves go. If we have a career, we are bad mothers. If we stay at home, we are not ambitious enough. If we feel like having sex, it’s inappropriate – and so on and so forth. This is bullshit.

We want to encourage all moms and moms-to-be to break away from those ideals and say, ‘Fuck. That. I’m a Badass Mom.’  We stand by the fact that we will never please everyone. We know we’re not perfect, and we never can be – and that’s totally OK. And, we are moms, yes, but we are also women. We still have our own wants and needs.”

It’s clear, there’s nothing wrong with taking time for yourself, to celebrate your sexuality and take your pleasure and orgasms into your own hands.

The 35-year-old also wants to pass that on to her daughter later, to be a good role model for her. “Every woman should be satisfied with herself. I want to convey that to Goldie, too. She’s perfect the way she is. But if she doesn’t feel comfortable and wants to change something – why shouldn’t she? I want her to be in control of her own body with no other influence. Everyone should do what makes them happy.”

For example, she reveals that since Goldie was born, she has had a much better body image than ever before.


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Womanizer PREMIUM eco: Green Orgasms for ALL

A sex toy that protects the environment? Sounds strange, but thanks to the PREMIUM eco, it’s a reality. Made from Biolene, a biodegradable material, the toy produces no waste and is completely recyclable. This has been a huge positive for Bonnie Strange: “As a vegan, I love Premium eco even more. It is the first sustainable Pleasure Air Toy in the world and is made of Biolene. This is a bioplastic that consists of 70% natural materials. Plus, it can be broken down into its individual parts for proper disposal (years down the road).”

Privately, I have been a big Womanizer fan for a long time. Of the products, but also of the brand and the educational work about masturbation and sexuality that Womanizer is publicly pushing.

Bonnie would like to tell all (expectant and current) mothers one thing above all: “Be happy, don’t take the comments from the outside so much to heart, and above all, don’t ignore yourselves and your lives. And be proud of yourselves and your children – what all women and mothers accomplish is truly incredible.”

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