Camille Aumont Carnel: “I’ve always talked about sex”

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Camille is the French brand ambassador for Womanizer. We talked to her about her passion for the sex toy brand, why and when she started talking about taboo topics, and how her community grew so much in such a short time.


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How did you start talking about sex topics?

I’ve always talked about sex, I’ve always liked to talk about sex and I’ve always liked to provoke by talking about sex. It has never been a taboo subject and I try to make certain aspects of sex become “non-topics”  in the same way as “where are you going on holiday?” or “would you rather have sushi or poke bowl for lunch? are non-topics.

I originally come from the world of French gastronomy, a job that I did for 4 years and which clearly showed me why it was important to be feminist and never keep quiet when I experienced injustices. When I finished my studies in 2019, I decided on the spur of the moment to create an Instagram account because I was looking for content that makes women* feel more comfortable with themselves, with their body and their sexuality.

Have you ever found it difficult to talk about taboo subjects?

No, never. No more than to talk about any other topic.

Was it difficult, though, at times, to tell myself that I was tapping into my personal and sexual life in order to create content and that I felt like I was “laying myself bare” in front of the whole world? Yes, clearly. How much of Camille, what percentage of Camille, do I give to @Jemenbatsleclito. It’s all about balance.


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Some topics are more complicated than others, for sure. Topics such as excision, feminicide, marital rape or even menstrual precariousness are not easy to tackle with that touch of humour and sarcasm that I like to use, because I’m outraged by it and I feel that nothing is moving fast enough to help to solve these issues.

Why do you think it is so important to also talk about these topics?

It is important to talk about sex, not to “free” the word, but to hear it, listen to it and pass it on. I love the idea of saying: “But… I’m not alone. In fact, it happens to hundreds of other people and it feels good to know that, damn it!”

It is also important to educate, to inform, to make people understand when to worry and to imbue the mind with notions such as consent with all its complexities, legal grey areas, and surprises.

You have a huge community. How did it grow so fast?

A lot of factors, but I think it was the right time, too. We were, at least in France, in a movement and in a spiral of “freedom” of speech on social media: the famous “revolution with hashtags”. I think that the anonymity that I kept for 5 months was also something that people liked because everyone felt like they could relate to and they knew the person behind @Jemenbatsleclito. And I think that I responded to a need people felt to speak up, to say things loud and clear.

Another factor is that my Instagram posts are short, so there is not too much reading involved – that’s what people like on Instagram.

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Why did you decide to work with Womanizer?

I decided to work with Womanizer because it was by chance that I discovered this brand at an event in Paris more than one year ago.

Masturbation in all its aspects interests me and I realize that it remains one of the hardest taboos to break.

It’s almost every day that I receive messages from my followers asking me for references and sex toys brands that I would recommend.

It was very clear that by associating myself with a sex toy brand for several months, I could learn more about it and be able to advise a whole community to take advantage of the products the brand offers – and that brand was Womanizer.

I like the notion of being a muse and an ambassador in general, especially when it comes to products that are relevant for my content.

What do you particularly love about the brand?

I like the inclusive and sexual empowerment message that the brand expresses. I like sex toys in general, but I especially like to talk about the freedom to have the choice and to take into account everyone’s desires, preferences and expectations – and that’s what I love about Womanizer.

I’m very sensitive to branding, customer experience and packaging in general and Womanizer is very good on those points, too.

Tell us why you think every woman who wants a sex toy should choose to have a Womanizer?

You will inevitably find your happiness with the wide range that the brand offers.


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Not everyone is sensitive in the same way from a clitoral point of view: some people prefer internal stimulation, others external, and some both. There are sex toys that can meet all these needs!

The plus is that Womanizer really tries to make the sex toy beautiful, well-designed and stylish. The kind of item that you no longer want to hide away but rather display on your shelf because we’re no longer ashamed of it.

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