The CAT position: An orgasm guaranteed?

CAT position

Everything you ever wanted to know about the CAT position: Find out here…

In classic click-baiting style, german online platform Wunderweib labels it as a “sex position with orgasm guarantee”. Another guide keeps things a little simpler and writes of an “intensive missionary position”. No matter how the CAT position is described, it’s being talked about everywhere. But what’s so special about it and what does the abbreviation CAT actually stand for? We clarify, without sensationalism. We promise!

“Lots of women worry because they can’t reach an orgasm vaginally. But the vaginal orgasm is just a weird idea a friend of mine once had. An orgasm is an orgasm no matter how it is reached.”

These wise words are those of Norwegian doctor Ellen Støkken Dahl who has now published a bestseller about female sexuality entitled Viva la Vagina together with her colleague Nina Brochmann. The CAT position is among those recommended in their book.

“The minority of women achieve an orgasm through vaginal stimulation,” Ellen explained in an interview with DIE ZEIT. Her colleague Nina added: “That is why we recommend the CAT position. Here, instead of the classic “in and out”, the penis rubs against the clitoris.

But what does the term actually stand for?

CAT stands for ‘coital alignment technique’. In other words: In this sex position both partners are satisfied at the same time.

CAT Postion: A short description

The man lies close to the woman and she keeps her legs closed. He experiences the pleasure of entering the vagina, whilst she receives clitoral and vaginal stimulation. That’s how many more women can achieve an orgasm. By the way: There are some great videos on YouTube that explain the position.

CAT position: Step by step

Okay, let’s start again. How exactly does the CAT position work?

  1. First, the woman lies on her back, and the man lies on top of her. So far so normal.
  2. Up to that point it’s still pretty much the missionary position. But here’s where it differs.
  3. After he penetrates her, she closes her legs.
  4. He gently pushes upwards, until his and her pelvic bones meet. (Don’t worry, nobody’s hurt doing this.)
  5. Now, he moves his hips slowly in rhythm.
  6. The clitoris is being stimulated by his pubis.
  7. Slight circular movements are increasing the stimulation.

Tip: A pillow under the woman’s hips can also have a supporting effect.

The CAT position was “founded” or rather discovered by a man with the name of Edward W. Eichel. According to a study by the Journal of Sex and Marriage Therapy 56% of women reach an orgasm through the CAT position. Our conclusion: in this case it’s worth a try. However, sex doesn’t always have to be about achieving an orgasm. A nice alternative to the sexual pressure to perform is slow sex.


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