Male G Spot

The Male G Spot: 5 Hard Facts Every Man Should Know

Men are finally getting the memo: The male G spot is the secret to reaching new heights of sexual pleasure. Here’s why.

Where is the male G spot?

Do men have G Spots? Oh yes. The male G spot, or P spot, is actually just a catchy name for the prostate. But in terms of pleasure potential, it’s unparalleled. Where is the male g spot? Well, finding the male g spot is simple: it's located a couple of inches inside the anus. The male G spot is home to a ton of nerve endings, making it highly sensitive and responsive to stimulation. Some men are able to climax through male prostate stimulation alone. And while localized penile orgasms feel amazing, the full-body prostate orgasm can be outright earth-shattering.

If you’re in the market for an upgrade, it helps to first check out the specs. Know your body inside out, test drive new techniques, and drive off with a prolonged erection into the orgasmic sunset.

That said, it’s okay to be wary of butt topic. But if the meteoric rise of prostate massager sales in recent years says anything, it’s that men of all ages and sexualities are integrating the prostate G-spot into a healthy sex life. If you ask us, there’s no reason sexual pleasure should be any different from buying a new car.

If you’re in the market for an upgrade, it helps to first check out the specs. Know your body inside out, test drive new techniques, and drive off with a prolonged erection into the orgasmic sunset.

If you’re new to male G-spot stimulation, or you’re down for some further anal-ysis, read on for 5 things you need to know about the male anal G-spot—from the male G-spot location, to the prostate gland, to how to get off with prostate stimulation.

1 . It’s called the male G spot for good reason

In women, the G spot—or Gräfenberg spot—has earned a reputation as the vagina’s elusive seat of explosive pleasure. Nowadays, researchers believe it’s actually just an extension of the clitoris. But back to the male equivalent.

Nicknaming the prostate gland the male G-spot was more than just a case of erogenous zone envy. In fact, the term makes a lot of sense when you consider that the book that popularized the female G-spot compared the clit to the penis and the G-spot to the prostate.

The male G-spot is tucked away in a similar location of the anus, and contains many nerve endings that can create an equally supercharged orgasm when stimulated.

2 . Male G spot stimulation 

Like a remote control for your pleasure channels, the male G-spot is always within easy reach. The prostate gland is located two to four inches inside the anus—so only about three-quarters of the length of your finger. Good news if you're new to penetration.

The prostate is walnut-shaped and -sized, and it grows with age. Located on the upper wall of the anus, towards your belly button, its round, firm shape should definitely stand out. But if you are having trouble finding the male G-spot, use a specially designed prostate massager, or get aroused first. Arousal will engorge the prostate gland, making it larger and harder like your penis.

It's a good idea to invest in a male g spot vibrator - such as We-Vibe Vector or Ditto - to add some good vibrations to that sensitive erogenous zone.

Fun fact: you can also stimulate your prostate externally by massaging the highly sensitive area between your balls and anus (known as your perineum, grundle or taint). This erogenous zone is totally underrated, and exploring it is a great prelude to full-blown male G spot-stimulation.

3 . Slow and slippery wins the race

Never underestimate the importance of lube when it comes to male G-spot play. Apply lube generously to the anus, your clean finger (nails trimmed and filed), or your prostate massager—and don’t be shy to reapply. If you are using a toy, opt for a water-based lube, as silicone-based lubes can cause the surface of silicone toys to disintegrate.

When inserting a sex toy into your anus, relax and go slow—like tortoise slow.

Male G-spot massage is a voyage of sexual ecstasy, and a quick orgasm is not the goal.

4 . Prostate massagers change the game

Prostate massagers are tailored to your anatomy, with a special curve that easily locates and stimulates the male G-spot. The base of the stimulator also allows for a superior range of motion and control than using a finger alone. What’s more, prostate toys come in a variety of sizes, textures and motion settings to suit your preferences.

When using adult toys for male G-spot stimulation, it’s a great idea to practice Kegel exercises to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Imagine you are holding in urine for a couple of seconds, then slowly release, and repeat. Mastering that motion will allow you to essentially suck the toy in and out with your muscles, for a more intense, hands-free prostate massage. The stronger your muscles, the longer your orgasm can last. It’s like the gym, but a million times better.

5 . You needn’t touch your penis

We definitely left the best point until last, because for male G-spot newcomers, this really is a bombshell. Even more so when you consider that the prostate stimulation pleasure factor can give the penis a hard-on to rival a morning erection.

Why, then, would anyone choose not to touch their penis during male G-spot stimulation? In a...nutshell, because some guys find it leads them to blow their load much quicker. In any case, by not touching your penis, you can prolong the sensation and feel a true prostate orgasm. Trust us, once you've experienced it, you'll want it to last.

As we mentioned earlier, prostate massage is not meant to be rushed. Male G-spot stimulation produces the kind of tingling pleasure you could revel in for hours on end. Unlike penile orgasm, there is no recovery period, so the experience lasts for as long as you can handle it.

Love male G-spot stimulation but can't reach orgasm?

If you've tried getting off via your male G-spot, but you haven't yet reached a climax, that's totally normal. Whether you use a finger or a massager, it takes practice to orgasm from prostate stimulation alone. Instead, think about prostate massage as valuable time spent on sexual self-discovery. Make the rolling pleasure of the journey your destination, and the male G-spot orgasm a welcome bonus. And, don't sweat it: when you are ready to come, feel free to involve your penis.