Male Masturbation FAQs

You have burning questions about masturbation and the art of self-pleasure? We have the important answers.

Masturbation: a question of self-love and self-care

Self-pleasure is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It is something that almost every man does. But how many men know the answers to all the questions regarding masturbation?

There are some common and not-so-common questions about masturbation out there. From what masturbation actually is, to how normal. Questions regarding method, what the best ways to pleasure yourself are, and whether you should try male sex toys.
You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. So read on.

Is masturbation normal?

One of the easiest ways to answer this question is to examine what is masturbation. Put very simply, it’s the touching of one’s genitals to gain pleasure. There are other reasons to masturbate, such as the need to ejaculate and relieve yourself from a build-up of sexual tension. Some men find that masturbation reduces stress levels, some do it to help them sleep.

Given how so many men do it, masturbation is normal. A normal way to enjoy yourself as part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s a very natural component of life, and the only sinful thing about masturbation is that it’s often sinfully good.

Why do men masturbate?

There are many reasons. The major one is to feel good. The high experienced when climaxing is like nothing else. However, you can question if masturbation is all about climax. There’s just so much more to it.

From exploring your body, and getting to love and appreciate it in the process, masturbation is good for so  so many reasons. Men can feel so much better about themselves thanks to masturbation, meaning that it improves their sense of self-esteem and body image. Masturbation questions just how good you want to make yourself feel, and challenges you to develop your skills in self-love.

Is masturbation healthy?

This question is easy to answer. Science proves that sex and masturbation really are healthy, and there are so many personal benefits. Some studies have shown that frequent orgasms can lower blood pressure. It’s a perfect way to relax and unwind your body and mind before sleep too.
Also, it’s a winning form of stress relief, as the arousal you feel during masturbation and climax releases feel-good chemicals into your system. These include:

  • Dopamine: a pleasure chemical that improves mood
  • Oxytocin: a chemical which reduces the amount of cortisol (a stress chemical) in your body
  • Endorphins: natural painkillers which can also provide a sense of well-being and even euphoria.

Masturbation is also, without question, one of the safest forms of sex too.

Can masturbation improve your love-life?

Many men ask themselves the question of whether masturbation can have a positive impact on their overall love-life. The answer is a resounding yes—as masturbation is a wonderful way to develop self-knowledge. By stimulating yourself, you learn. What feels good. What turns you on. How to take your pleasure levels from great to exceptional.
You can share that knowledge with your current or future partners, answer their masturbation questions and make your sex life better than amazing.

By letting your imagination wander, you can focus on your feel-good fantasies.

Does masturbation help you sleep?

Without question, masturbation can help you sleep, yes. By letting your imagination wander while lying on your bed (or in the shower, bath—wherever you choose to unwind), you can focus on your feel-good fantasies. Indulge yourself, let yourself go.
You’ll be releasing those stress-quenching endorphins as you do. Also, masturbation will help flush away nagging questions and thoughts that are bugging you, clearing and calming the mind as you focus on feeling good. By the time you finish you’ll likely feel more relaxed and unwound. Pleasant (and by association—sexy) dreams await.

What is the best way to masturbate?

It’s one of the most commonly asked masturbation questions but there’s no right or wrong answer to this—it’s all about personal choice. There are so many ways to masturbate. The beauty lies in trying out different methods until you find what really hits the spot.
Ask yourself questions about your masturbation style. Spice things up with different positions. Try a lubricant. Explore other parts of your body as you play—it doesn’t have to just be about the genitals. Try using a sex toy and see if that enhances things for you.

Can sex toys improve masturbation?

You might have already invested in the latest audio and visual technology for entertainment and the perfect smartphone for communication. Time to explore the array of gadgets sex tech industry has to offer.

Smart technology enables you to take control and customize the levels of pleasure you experience. Delivering amazing new sensations which you may never have experienced before, today’s smart sex toys can take your masturbation routine to the next level.

Is it okay to watch porn while masturbating?

Sure. Some guys find it helps to watch a porn movie while masturbating, as it arouses them. Other guys raise questions over masturbation and porn, and instead rely on their own imagination, sex toys or even a combination of the two. Only you can answer this particular masturbation question as it’s completely your call – do what makes you feel good.

What do I need to know about anal play?

There are exciting sensations to be experienced in the anal area. Your prostate gland is situated around two inches inside and in the direction of your belly. It can be a source of incredible sexual pleasure. To stimulate it, you can explore with a finger (in a latex glove or condom if you prefer), or can experiment with lube and sex toys.

Is it possible to run out of sperm?

It’s one of many myths about masturbation but no, you cn't run out of sperm. The male body produces sperm continually, and sperm cells only make up a small percentage of ejaculate anyway.

To conclude, masturbation is an enjoyable and pleasurable experience that makes you feel great. From health benefits through to boosts in self-esteem: there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t question masturbation, but instead make it a part of your lifestyle and self-care routine.