Sex Drive

What is sex drive? Tips to combat low libido

What is sex drive? How does your mind, diet, and health affect it? And how can you boost yours today?

How to increase sex drive holistically

Also known as libido, sex drive is a colloquial term that describes your overall sexual drive or desire for sex, either solo or with a partner.

Optimize your health to increase your sex drive

The World Health Organization states that "sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being relating to sexuality. Modern physicians recognize the importance of libido as one of the key indicators of general health and quality of life."

As you take steps towards increasing your sex drive, your overall health will benefit as well.

Wondering why your sex drive is so high?

Bear in mind that age and life-phases play an important role in increased sex drive. Your libido is at its  peak during your teens and twenties. With age, testosterone levels slowly decline (about 1% a year from age 30). This doesn't mean, however, that you can't have great sex as you get older. Take good care of yourself and you'll have a high sex drive well into old age.

How can you know if you have an increased sex drive?

There is no one-fits-all formula for measuring an increased sex drive, and there's no such thing as "normal". What may feel completely fine to you could be too high or low for another man. Everybody is different.

Since there's no standard goal when it comes to increasing your sex drive, you need to find your own happy place. As long as you're satisfied, all is well.

How to increase your sex drive naturally

Discover the 7 steps to increasing your sex drive holistically, so you can have deeply fulfilling sex and great stamina for life.

1. Foods that increase sex drive

You are what you eat, and certain foods can indeed increase your sex drive. A whole foods diet high in fat and protein and low in sugar and processed carbs is ideal. Think nuts, seeds, seafood, lean meat, fruit, and vegetables. Certain supplements are also beneficial as a great  add-on to an already healthy diet.

Try this: Plan out your meals ahead of time and bring a lunchbox to work. When eating out, order steak, grilled fish, or some vegetarian protein along with steamed veggies or a salad. Not only will these foods increase your sex drive by balancing your hormones, but they will also make you feel lighter, leaner and stronger. If you drink wine, stick to one or two glasses per day.

2. Combat low sex drive by reducing everyday stress

While a bit of temporary stress can be a great motivator, prolonged, severe, or permanent stress can be detrimental to your overall health and sex drive.

Try this: Increase your sex drive by relaxing more. This includes yoga, meditation, and deep breathing. Another great way to relax is self-pleasuring. Imagine coming home from work and treating yourself to some pleasurable alone time with a new stimulation toy. Within a matter of minutes, all stressful feelings are gone and you will be engulfed by daring pleasure.

3. Increase your sex drive by taking risks

Studies show that dominance in social interactions results in elevated testosterone levels. Being risk-averse, on the contrary, lowers the production of this male sex hormone. Taking risks and pursuing a higher social status increases your sex drive. So don't be shy—start a conversation with the hottest person in the bar, or ask for that raise at work.

Try this: Find more ways to take risks. At work, in sports, or during conversations. What are you naturally good at? Focus on your areas of expertise and excel yourself to boost your confidence and increase your sex drive. Savor the taste of accomplishment.

4. Increase your sex drive by freeing up your mind

If you grew up in an environment where sexuality was frowned upon or simply disregarded, you might have adopted some limiting beliefs that can get in the way of living your full sexual potential. If you see your sex drive waning in certain situations, social conditioning may be the hidden cause.

Try this: When judgemental thoughts about your increased sex drive arise, get curious. Where do they come from? Was it your parents, teachers, or clerics who told you that "masturbation is a sin"? Remember that you are in charge of your sexuality.

6. Increase your sex drive by ejaculating less

Have you heard of the Coolidge effect? It describes a neurological hangover that kicks in right after ejaculation. Dopamine and oxytocin rise high during peak orgasms, but directly after, these "happy"-hormones plummet. It takes two to three weeks of zero ejaculation for your neurotransmitters to recalibrate back into full alignment.

Try this: Increase your sex drive and experience deeper, fuller orgasms by ejaculating less. Make it a point to self-pleasure with your sex toys —just don't go over the edge. Stop and relax before you reach the point of no return. This ancient Taoist principle helps you to gain more life force energy, last longer in bed, and experience increased sex drive.

7. Increase your sex drive with regular exercise

Fitness is not just about achieving great looks (although it's a nice side-effect). In the end, it all comes down to how you feel in your body. Feeling great about yourself is what gives you that aura of total ease, irresistible confidence, and strong attractiveness.

Try this: To feel confident in your body (and to increase your sex drive to boot), move more. Also, lifting weights makes you not only looked toned, but also feel like a sexy superhero (it increases testosterone). The gym is not your thing? Any sports that are fun for you will work.

Increase your sex drive for life

Your sex drive is something fluid that will naturally ebb and flow over the course of your life. There are many different variables–physical, psychological, and socio-cultural–that can affect your sex drive.

Experiment with the above-suggested tweaks and see how they can increase your sex drive. They've already helped thousands of men raise theirs. Exploration helps you understand your own body better, and knowing yourself gets you in control of your sex drive for life.