Chorus by We-Vibe: The Most Intuitive Sex Toy Ever?

We-Vibe Chorus

Join the Chorus…

Price: $$$

At a glance:  

  • C-shaped design for a secure fit
  • Squeeze remote
  • Improved connectivity thanks to AnkorLink™
  • Designed for pairs
  • Quiet
  • 100% waterproof

What We-Vibe says:

The most intuitive couples vibrator by We-Vibe ever — with an adjustable fit, touch-responsive controls and hands-free vibrations that take sex to a whole new level.

How To Use We-Vibe Chorus

What SHE says:

Chorus definitely comes with a reputation – and in my opinion, it totally lives up to it. In terms of appearance, it’s another example of the stylish We-Vibe design but when it comes to using Chorus, you’ll discover it’s like nothing else out there.

The cherry on top is the Squeeze remote. This remote control ensures that the toy follows your lead closely. If, in the midst of excitement, I clench my fist around the remote, the intensity of the toy’s vibrations increase too. It’s like it’s reading my mind, I love it! The classic We-Vibe C-shape is also a big plus. The curve ensures Chorus sits snugly against your body. Don’t forget the We-Connect app too! Controlling the toy via the app is perfect for when my other half is on a work trip and can’t be as hands on as he’d like… playing together via the app is a great substitute. And I love the new colours of the Chorus, I really can’t decide….

We-Vibe Chorus

What HE says:

It’s probably a very cliché thing to say but I love sex – and I love a good technique. No wonder Chorus ticks every box for me. The innovative technology takes the already amazing sex with my girlfriend to a whole other level.

From the cool Squeeze remote to the new AnkorLink connectivity, this toy feels like a real game-changer. Another highlight is the Touch Sense mode, which lets the speed of my movements direct the intensity of the toy’s vibrations. Super handy! You can even set the toy to continue taking care of business while I catch my breath…

We-Vibe Chorus

The Important Stuff

The We-Vibe Chorus combines proven winners like the We-Connect app with exciting new technology. Thanks to the Squeeze Remote, we no longer have to press a button to control the intensity, you can easily control it by tightening or loosening your grip. If the toy is coupled with the We-Connect app and Touch Sense mode is selected, you can control vibration and intensity with your body movements. And last but not least, the connectivity upgrade of AnkorLink is much more reliable than Bluetooth, making sure the toy and smartphone remain connected.

Feel like trying the Chorus out for yourself? Find it here!

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