Clitoris Anatomy Facts: Everything You Need To Know

Clitoris Anatomy Facts: Everything You Need To Know

The clitoris is THE organ of pleasure! The only purpose is sexual desire and satisfaction. Amazing, isn’t it? What’s surprising: Many men and women do not know a lot about the clitoris. This is going to end now! We’ll give you an overview about the anatomy of clitoris and give you some suprising facts, which are good to know.

#1: Late discovery of the anatomy of the clitoris

The anatomy of the clitoris was only discovered in 1998 (!) by Australian urologist Helen O’Connell, whose dissection revealed the inner and outer parts of the clitoris for the first time. Subsequently, her findings questioned just about all the then-accepted assumptions about the anatomy of the clitoris. You rock, Helen! 

#2: Bigger than you thought

The clitoris is the only human organ whose sole function is pleasure. It is only partially visible with the naked eye. Indeed, what we tend to see is just the “tip of the iceberg”, because three quarters of this magical organ are hidden inside the female body. The clitoris can be between 7.5 to 12.5 cm long, depending on an individual’s physique.  

clitoris anatomy facts

#3: A growing organ

Astonishingly, the clitoris continues to grow throughout a woman’s life. Following menopause, it will be an average 2.5x larger than during the teenage years. No surprise then that some women experience more powerful orgasms in their fifties. That’s something to look forward to! 

#4: Pretty similar to a penis

When you’re turned on, the clitoris can actually harden, just like a penis. It has a tiny shaft, an acorn and even a foreskin, which we affectionately refer to as ‘clitorial hood’.

#5: Extremly sensitive

The female organ of wonder keeps about 8.000 nerv endings. In comparison: This is twice as much than a penis can offer. No wonder, the little pearl is extremly sensitive.

#6: Too much of a good thing

The little clitoris can get exhausted. Doesn’t matter, how wonderful the orgasm was. If you overstimulate the organ, it will backtrack underneath the thin foreskin, to avoid pain. This is why all of the Womanizer products are based on the Pleasure Air™ Technology.  The technology produces in an interplay sucking and massaging changes in air pressure. The sensitive region is stimulated completely indirect. This specific interplay makes the Womanizer unique and avoids overstimulation and effect of habituation as far as possible. You are welcome!

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Want to know more about the clitoris? Here we go!

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