Corona and Couples: How quarantine is putting relationships to the test…

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There’s no question, many singles are probably missing the support of a partner in times like these. Spending quarantine together with your loved one? That’s a much nicer way to pass the time. Plenty of time for kissing, cuddling, sex – but maybe some arguing too. There’s one thing you shouldn’t forget: being in each other’s faces 24/7 can be a real test of love. Or there’s the other alternative of being kept apart because of quarantine… 

A recent international We-Vibe survey of 1200 people has shown the first effects of Corona on relationships. We have the exciting numbers for you here and they include: postponed wedding plans, but more masturbation and sex…

Corona and couples: what’s the side effects of lockdown?

  • Every sixth person has the feeling that his or her partner* is angry with him or her more often.
  • 78% can imagine that the number of separations and divorces will increase due to the crisis and the new circumstances (this could be observed, for example, after the reopening of the Xi’an registry offices, as reported by the Global Times).
  • A lack of planning certainty is causing more than a quarter of all respondents to put their own wedding plans on hold temporarily.
  • Couples living at a distance suffer particularly from their increased need for physical closeness (55%) and sex (53%).
  • One in three couples in a long-distance relationship is increasingly resorting to video calls.
  • Almost half (45%) of the participants in joint quarantine think less often than before about their own separation.
  • One in five in joint quarantine currently have more sex.
  • The desire to masturbate has increased in isolation: More than half (54%) of the couples in joint quarantine and even 73% of the couples living apart feel more desire for solo sex.

The bare facts and figures show: there’s an increased desire for sex – whether solo or with a partner. And that’s a good thing, because sex is not only fun, there are also other advantages.

Why we should all be having more sex…

• Studies show that orgasms strengthen the immune system.
• Sexual activity releases dopamine, which not only makes us look forward to the future with more optimism, but also activates a burst of happiness.
• Endorphins released during sexual climaxes reduce stress, promote inner balance and improve sleep.
• Joint sexual activity promotes the binding hormone oxytocin and brings couples closer together.
• Muscles and the cardiovascular system enjoy a work out and calories are burned.
• Sexual excitement boosts metabolism and circulation, and regular orgasms can also increase life expectancy.

Tips for couples

The good news is that whether you and your partner are in quarantine  together or separated for a long period of time, there are some things you can do to strengthen your relationship. We have a few suggestions for you:

  • Create a new intimacy: If you live in an apartment, sooner or later you might get on each other’s nerves. Make sure that your partner is not downgraded to an annoying roommate, but instead make the effort to treat each other as romantic partners.  A nice dinner, a relaxed evening together, spontaneous sex during your lunch break – these can breathe fresh air into the relationship.
  • Try out new things: Now is the time to try out things you have never had time for before. Why not with your partner? Learn a new language, find a new hobby or spice up your love life by trying out sex toys. Boredom? Not with these tips!
  • Celebrate Me-Time: Even if you live in a shared apartment, make time for yourself. Coordinate with each other, make a plan like “Tonight the bathroom is mine.” You might enjoy a very private bathing session with your favourite toy at most. It goes without saying, masturbation can also improve your general sex life.
  • Love from afar: Even if you are physically separated, you can be close to each other. Be lonely together, so to speak. Now thanks to We-Connect, there’s a new way to stay in touch too (literally). With this app, sex toys can be controlled remotely. Whether from the next room, another city or another continent – couples don’t have to miss closeness and intimacy even when separated.
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Womanizer PREMIUM

For some seriously magical me-time, try out the waterproof Womanizer PREMIUM…

We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe Chorus

As the most intuitive toy for couples on the market, try out Chorus by We-Vibe to get impossibly closer…

How to stay We-Connected

We-Vibe, offer sex toys with app control, that make it possible to maintain intimacy across continents and quarantines. In addition to the bestseller vibrator Chorus, there are also numerous products that can be used alone and still be controlled via app. Plus, And the current guidelines of the New York health authority state that your own body is the safest sexual partner anyway. Hooray for self love!

Two features of the We-Connect app that take long-distance intimacy to a whole new level are Beat mode and Touch mode. Beat mode matches the vibrations of your favorite toy to the music of your choice. Touch mode translates every movement on-screen to a unique vibration.

No matter how long quarantine lasts and what it will ultimately bring, but one thing is certain: love should always be stronger than any virus, right?

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