Corona, Sex and Kissing: What’s still on the table?

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It’s a contradiction that during the stress of coronavirus, we feel the need for closeness and comfort more than ever. Physical intimacy is especially reassuring, but many of us are afraid of the virus that has suddenly brought our lives to a standstill. Others feel lonely or frustrated because the walls are closing in at home. Kissing, touching, sex – wouldn’t it feel nice to feel close to another person? If only there was no coronavirus…

Is kissing okay or risky when it comes to corona?

Intensive kissing strengthens the immune system – this has long been scientifically proven. The reason? Kissing releases hormones (e.g. endorphins). In addition, when saliva is exchanged, bacteria are exchanged which challenge and strengthen the other person’s immune system. It sounds disgusting, but it is healthy.

So you would think that during the corona crisis it can’t hurt to pimp your immune system by kissing. If two healthy people are kissing each other, that’s the case for sure, but (here we come to the big “but”) nobody can say with one hundred percent certainty at the moment that they don’t have the virus inside them (unless they have just done a test).

Firstly, because of the relatively long incubation period and also because many sufferers show hardly any symptoms. The fact is that the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 can be transmitted from person to person – by droplet infection. The thing about saliva exchange during kissing, remember? Corona can be transmitted by kissing, so only people who have been tested and proven not to carry the virus should kiss. Everyone else should stick to solo play or virtual romance. Or you could be like Heidi Klum, who, being cautious about corona, kisses her husband Tom through a pane of glass while waiting for test results…

Is the coronavirus sexually transmitted?

Well, if kissing seems risky, what about sex? If need be, you just have to go without kissing, but is that even allowed? Is corona also transmitted through sex? Since the virus is extremely contagious, this can of course happen.

However, doctors and virologists refer to the statement of the World Health Organization WHO, which assumes that the virus is not transmitted through actual sexual intercourse – like STIs. However, WHO cannot completely rule this out at this point in time; there is a need for further research. But even if it is not yet clear whether corona is transmissible through sperm and vaginal sex, there is intensive physical contact during sex and thus a high risk of transmission. Of course, if you are currently not even supposed to shake hands, an extensive cuddling session may not be the best idea.

One-night stands? A bad idea right now

Even though you should always be extra careful when having sex with a person you haven’t known for a long time, it is better to leave it alone entirely right now. Precisely for the reasons mentioned above. Especially with new acquaintances it is even more difficult to tell whether they have had contact with the virus. For this reason, even the dating platform “Tinder” issues a warning to its users: “Tinder is a great place to meet people. We still want you to have fun, but protecting yourself from the coronavirus is more important”.

But it’s not only love-starved singles suffering from the current situation, this time in quarantine can also be a real test of strength for couples. If you are forced to sit together in your own four walls for several weeks, this can lead to problems. Minor issues, which normally get lost in everyday life, can suddenly become a huge drama. It is also important in a relationship to have time for yourself. So at the moment, don’t be afraid to insist on some personal space.

So let us summarize: Kissing and sex are not a good idea right now – neither is dating. BUT NOW, finally some good news: You shouldn’t touch other people? Then touch yourself!

Masturbation: A healthy occupation in the midst of Covid-19

Not only does kissing boost our immune system (and of course our mood), orgasms can do it too. And do you necessarily need another person to add a few extra high points to your day? Of course not! Solo sex is the perfect therapy for all those who miss physical closeness and sex – and who may be a little bored at home.

Masturbation is also effective against the annoying frustration that some people may be feeling at the moment. And it doesn’t have to be a completely solo act, there are some technical helpers that are perfect to keep us company and make our orgasms a little better. Here comes a little inspiration for you…



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