Couples in Isolation: A Guide to Surviving Isolation

couples in isolation

Coronavirus isn’t just threatening our physical health, but also our emotional, psychological and sexual health. As human beings, we still crave intimacy, touch and pleasure, even when actual physical intimacy is restricted. It’s not exactly a sexually-inspiring time. So given many of us are currently working from home and practicing social distancing, how can we maintain a healthy and happy relationship during these unprecedented times?

I hear many couples are trying to simply survive Covid-19, but there are many things you can do to make your relationship thrive! So it’s time to get creative for couples in isolation. And our guide will help…

For the couple who lives a part

I can imagine by now, distance will be putting a strain on your relationship. But as hard as it feels it’ll be safest if you can hold off for the next few weeks at least. It’s not worth the risk. I get it – when you’re separated from your lover, a few weeks can feel like a lifetime. But this doesn’t mean you need to stop ‘seeing each other’. We live in the digital era!

You can still get creative with your dates together, and have fun while doing it. There are some incredible virtual dates you can go on together, allowing you to explore museums, theme parks and zoos, visiting countries you may never have been able to visit. Beyond global sightseeing, there are also dance classes, yoga sessions and skills based workshops you can do together to get your creative juices flowing.

And if it’s sex you’re missing, have you tried phone sex? It may sound intimidating, but if you start slow with a sexy message, I guarantee it will help to open up the conversation and ease your partner into the idea. Something as simple as, ‘I’m missing your body…’, or letting them know that you’re thinking about something that turns you on. This way, dirty talk will become your new foreplay. Get creative with your vocab; pretend you’re an erotic novelist and bring as much sensual description to the experience as you can. Sexting may be exciting enough, or it may escalate to phone sex, and you can choose whether you move it to an audio, video call.

There’s some incredible Apps, like the free We-Connect App, that allow you and your partner to sync your toys and control each other’s vibrations, no matter how far apart you are. Not only that but Touch mode allows you to create custom stimulation patterns with a simple on-screen swipe. Feel the vibe in Beat mode as it matches the vibrations of your favorite toy to the music of your choice.


Toys play a vital role in pleasurable sex, and they can really help when physical intimacy is tricky. I recommend some We-Vibe products to couples who are separated by distance, they are ideal for long-distance relationships or anyone who can’t be with their partner at the moment. By allowing your partner to control your ‘vibes’ as you control theirs, it’s a great way to connect during phone sex, and if you’re feeling the strain of distance, it’s also great for a laugh.

Best sex toys for couples who lives apart

We-Vibe Chorus

We-Vibe Chorus The most intuitive couples vibrator by We-Vibe ever — with an adjustable fit, touch-responsive controls and hands-free vibrations that take sex to a whole new level.

We-Vibe Moxie

moxie We-Vibe Test Erfahrung Review With its whisper quiet vibrations and app-enabled controls Moxie is the ultimate in discretion. The We-Connect™ app lets you or a partner take control of Moxie from anywhere.

For the couple in isolation who is living on top of each other

If you’re in isolation with your partner or working from home, you may feel overwhelmed by their presence, especially if you usually lead independent lives. If this is you, make sure you have enough time on your own. This may mean working in separate rooms, giving each other enough space to take calls and conduct meetings, going for a walk when you’re feeling overwhelmed and taking responsibility for your needs by self-regulating and communicating openly with each other. I find that good communication can solve most issues, but this may take some practice (lucky you’ve got a bit of spare time on your hands!)

Whilst it may feel overwhelming, you could also see it as an opportunity to spend more intentional time together. I often work with couples who struggle with busy workloads and don’t prioritise each other or sex. Although it’s not ideal, you could view this period of time as an opportunity to find new ways to enjoy each other, perhaps making a new cuisine you’ve never tried for a weekly ‘date night’ out of it, dedicating time each day to doing something pleasurable, like giving or receiving a massage, playing a sensual game, having a bath together or trying that sexy thing you’ve always been curious about.

If you’re feeling your relationship is under strain, this is completely normal given the circumstances. There is a collective experience of uncertainty and fear. So how can you and your partner support each other and create some certainty, safety or even a touch of sensuality to get through this time in the most pleasurable way possible. It seems that isolation is the ultimate challenge for sex and intimacy, but there are so many resources you can use to your advantage.

Best sex toys for couples in isolation

We-Vibe Melt

Beautifully shaped and super slim, Melt is the only Pleasure Air™ stimulator designed for couples, with pulsating waves and gentle suction that feel unlike anything else.

We-Vibe Tango

We-Vibe Tango

The tiny bullet vibrator named We-Vibe Tango has a surprisingly powerful rumble – and is so easy to use, you can always add it to your love play.

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