The Cowgirl Position – Why You Should Give It A Try

It is popular with both men and women: the cowgirl position. According to surveys, men like the fact that they can simply sit back and relax in this position, whereas women find it good to take control of rhythm and intensity. A classic win-win situation, so to speak. But what do you actually have to consider with this position? And what kind of variations can you use to bring a breath of fresh air into a classic sex position? Let’s check it out.

Get back on the horse! Why you need to try the reverse cowgirl position…

As already mentioned, especially with men, the cowgirl position ranks very well on the popularity scale. Lying there relaxed with a perfect view of your partner, who also takes over the active part – what more could a man want? The feeling of being completely at the mercy of the other person in this act is an additional boost for many. But the woman also gets her money’s worth in this sex position, because she not only has control over the intensity, but is also pampered by intense G-spot and clitoral stimulation. Being able to look deep into the eyes of your loved one is definitely an additional pleasure factor. Even in pregnancy the cowgirl position is a good option, because the belly has room and the intensity can be controlled completely by the woman.

Cowgirl sex position tips: How to do cowgirl position

  • Create some friction: Since, as often mentioned, many women need clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm, it is a good idea to ensure this by providing the necessary friction when riding. How? Quite simply, through intense hip movements and a slight bending of the upper body, friction and thus clitoral stimulation is easy.
  • Cowgirl comfort: Of course, the classic cowgirl sex position works in such a way that the woman sits on top of the man. But if the woman wants to be a bit more cuddly, she simply lies down on the man and spreads her legs. This way you are closer together during the act and the whole thing becomes especially intimate and cosy.
  • Flip it and reverse it: The catchy name ‘Reverse Cowgirl’ basically means the same position as in the classic version – with the small exception that the woman sits on the man upside down. Another plus for him, he may admire her sexy back and rear, which should make him even harder. What about for her? The penis enters at a different angle, stimulating completely different erogenous zones. As the icing on the cake, men can also stimulate the clitoris with their hands.
  • Sporty spice: Get out of bed and try the standing cowgirl position! In a chair, the man sits down in a relaxed position while the woman stands over him with her legs apart. As she moves up and down, he embraces her hips and can thus help to set the rhythm. Teamwork makes the dream work…
  • Need for speed: Now and then a little faster, then again slowly or even a small break – this not only ensures that she doesn’t run out of breath, but also builds tension.

Can you really break your penis?

Sure, sex in the cowgirl position can be a wild ride. That’s why the word ‘penis fracture’ pops up in quite a few times in this context. But is there really a risk of this? And if so, how can it be avoided?

Studies show that during wild sex in the cowgirl position there is a real risk of a painful penis fracture. Quite simply, because the woman sits with her whole body weight on the man – or yes, on his erect penis – and controls all movements. If the penis now slides out too far in the middle of the act and bends, this can – in rare cases – lead to a penis fracture. Just make sure the re-entrance is gentle as soon as the penis slips out and enjoy your ride together.

Sex Toys that are perfect for the cowgirl position

To heat things up even more, the right sex toy can work wonders. From penis rings to the stimulation of the clitoris, there are no limits. To give her an explosive orgasm, we recommend the We-Vibe Melt. This toy uses the unique Pleasure Air™ Technology for orgasms of a completely different dimension. You can also experience a new kind of your love play with the We-Vibe Chorus. Its flexible design stimulates both clitoris and penis, while you can control the intensity completely intuitively with its unique Squeeze Remote. Additionally, he can experience double stimulation with the We-Vibe Vector. It pampers the prostate due to its smooth shape and brings him into ecstasy. So go explore and find the perfect little helper for your unforgettable ride.

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