Cry If You Want To: Is Crying Actually Healthy?

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“Man, what a bunch of crybabies…” Crying women are often considered annoying or dramatic, and crying men as often seen as weak. Our author Julia Heyne thinks this is nonsense. Crying is even actually good for our health – if only because it means you’ve successfully vented. So guys, get out the tissues, let’s cry!

Recently I heard a podcast from life coach Laura Malina Seiler, in which she called tears “cleansing waters from the heart”. I think this is a good comparison, because there are few things that can reset our inner workings as much as crying.

Are you totally stressed, on edge or tired? Then cry! Broken hearted and at a total loss? Crying helps. You’re about to burst with rage? A well-timed cry will take the pressure off. Even tears from laughter can be wonderfully liberating.

What makes crying so healthy?

  • Crying releases inner blockages, so we can breathe more freely again without the pressure of stress
  • Crying helps us to cope with difficult situations. As you let go of things, crying allows us to deal with our problems.
  • Crying is physically exhausting. Afterwards, we are usually exhausted and tired and fall asleep quickly.
  • Crying releases oxytocin and endorphins. This is the reason why we usually feel quite well after crying. No matter how bad the reason for the tears, after crying you feel a little more positive.
  • Regular crying keeps us healthy because tears contain lysozyme, which has an antibacterial effect. Practical!
  • Tears cleanse our eyes, provide our conjunctiva with nutrients and protect against dehydration.

Why is crying a sign of strength?

Even as a child we were told: “Crying is for babies”. Also popular: “Boys don’t cry!” Now it’s time to put these outdated views where they belong: in the trash! Anyone who can cry and thus stand by their feelings are above all one thing: damn strong. Pretending to be Mr. or Mrs. Untouchable, and acting as if nothing in the world could harm you, is not only exhausting, but also quite cowardly.

If you let your tears run free, you face a difficult situation and your own emotions. And that is healthy and brave. Furthermore, crying is a form of communication. Our tears show other people how we feel. Thus, tears – whether from sadness or joy – strengthen our social relationships.

Women cry more often than men

This cliché is actually confirmed by various surveys: women cry more often than men. While men report that they shed tears only about 17 times on average, women do it about 64 times. While they also often cry because they have inner conflicts, men tend to cry out of pity or because of a separation.

But what about the idea “real men do not cry” – most women today see it differently and want a partner at their side who can show feelings. Because – as we have long known – it is a sign of strength.

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A few years ago, Julia Heyne moved to Berlin. Not because of love, but to deal with love on a daily basis. She headed the erotic department at for seven years and because that wasn't enough love, lust and passion, she wrote a book about online dating in 2016. Today she has renounced online dating, but continues to write for O*Diaries about the most beautiful minor matter in the world. In her spare time, she also enjoys unromantic things like mountaineering, reading and ghostwriting for various book projects.