On the road at eroFame2019: New Trends in Sex Toys


Here industry leaders meet up to not only make deals, but also to see what the next big trends in sex toys are. Our author Frieda Hintze was on the ground and has put together the three most exciting developments she discovered.


Although eroFame 2019 didn’t officially begin until October 9th, for many industry insiders (including myself) the adventure started the evening before. The WOW Tech Group invited us all to Vision WOW 2019, where wholesalers and retailers, as well as bloggers and members of the press gathered at the Peppermint Pavilion to enjoy drinks and learn the latest news from CCO Thuve Bremen and Director Marketing Jan Greuter. With an impressive stage featuring bright LED screens, the two presenters revealed the new technology, products and audiences for WOW Tech in the upcoming months. Suffice to say, I now have a pretty strong idea of what’s next for sex toys.

The next day I explored eroFame 2019 and the huge variety of stands. There was product after product, but usually closer to the fetish field. I was more interested in SexTech. After an exciting day, here are my three trends for 2020:

#1: Sex toys are getting smarter

Of course, apps that allow you to control sex toys are no longer a novelty. After all, We-Vibe launched its We-Connect app for the first time five years ago, making it the world’s first smartphone application for adult toys. But this trend has continued on into the future and it is once again We-Vibe that are changing the game. The We-Connect App 4.0 has now been optimized and expanded, all based on feedback from existing users. Simply put, the interface has been redesigned to a dark, elegant color scheme and is therefore ideal for nighttime play. The controls are now more intuitive, which means toys can be controlled by natural gestures. In addition, the tools and tips guide you through usage step by step so you’ll have no unanswered questions. Last but not least, the We-Connect App 4.0 now features full-screen video chat, which means your most intimate moments aren’t disturbed by any smartphone icons or elements.

Wait, that’s not all. At the eroFame 2019 We-Vibe booth I also discovered a new toy called Chorus, which looks like the We-Vibe Sync, but offers a new, unique feature: AnkorLink. Ankor…what? Get excited, this is a Bluetooth alternative that solves the issue of connectivity issues through water. And since the human body is around 82% water, Bluetooth can sometimes struggle with connecting phones and toys. That’s why AnkorLink was created. A technology that makes it possible to connect through water, resulting in a groundbreaking development for toys in this arena.

#2: The stylish sex toy

Toys used to look like, well, sex toys. The vibrator was instantly recognizable for what it was. The dildo resembled the male penis in appearance and color. But those days are over. Womanizer has demonstrated this for years. The toys from their collection, especially the Liberty, aren’t at first glance recognizable as sex toys. The same applies to the Womanizer Premium, which is now launched in two new colors. Known as “Blueberry” and “Raspberry”, these two look like delicate beauty tools in their new guise. Now you can always leave the toy on your nightstand…

The campaign, which was centered on the new colors of the Womanizer Premium, was more like an advertisement for body lotion or lingerie. I especially liked the new video campaign, which you can watch here.

#3: Men are back in the spotlight

Until now male masturbation has been considered as something dirty, or something that is to be done in secret. For example, fleshlight masturbators feature myopic silicone replicas of the female vagina. Penis pumps feature bizarre names like the “sucker.” Other toys look like weapons out of Star Wars. Or men are offered entire sex dolls. To be concise, the topic of male masturbation has not benefited from a stylish approach so far. But that will change in the coming year, with the discovery of the new brand Arcwave. Or more specifically, the Arcwave announcement video. This is the only info available at the moment, with the actual products due to hit the market next year.

The film, which seems more like a fashion or perfume commercial, sheds light on what Arcwave is about. “Pleasure redefined” is their bold claim and you already get the feeling that Arcwave is going to revolutionize how male masturbation is perceived. In fact, Arcwave will probably revolutionize the entire adult toy industry just as Womanizer did. This isn’t surprising, considering that Arcwave, like Womanizer, are both part of the WOW Tech family…

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