Erogenous zones: The little lust spots you need to know about

erogene Zonen erogenous zones

The human body is a pleasure map and its erogenous zones are the points that excite and stimulate the senses. But which are the most sensitive areas? Let’s find out.

What are erogenous zones?

“Erogenous” is Greek for “love producing”. In other words, touching an erogenous body part is usually perceived as particularly intensive, because these areas generally contain a higher density of nerve endings. What’s more, these little lust spots can boost sexual desire. Kissing, caressing, nibbling or sucking an erogenous area also plays an important role during foreplay. However, some zones are more stimulating than others. Indeed, they’ve even been classified into primary, secondary and potential erogenous zones.

Primary erogenous areas are those that can trigger an orgasm when stimulated. They generally encompass the genital areas. In women, the primary erogenous zones include the clitoris and the vagina. In men, they are commonly located around the penis and include the glans and penis shaft.

Secondary erogenous zones are the body regions which are directly connected to the primary zones. Stimulation of secondary erogenous zones may not always lead to an orgasm, but could intensify the climax.

In women they include:

  • Labia
  • Vaginal opening
  • Perineum
  • Anus
  • Breasts and nipples (Although breasts are farther from the female sexual organs, they are considered to be secondary erogenous zones, because they’re among the most sensitive zones of the female body – aside from the vulva. That’s partially because their stimulation activates the same brain areas as that of the genitals.)

In men they include:

  • testicles
  • area between penis and anus

Start exploring

Foreplay is all about taking your time – or even a lot of time if you’re practicing “Slow Sex”. And a healthy amount of teasing and stimulating a partner can even boost the potential to experience pleasure. That’s where the erogenous zones come into play. Indeed, some sexual partners are able to experience an elevated climax without actual genital involvement if their erogenous zones are caressed. However, every experience is personal, which means that different people have different erogenous zones.

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Female erogenous areas: from head to toe

Female erogenous zones start all the way near the head, or more precisely, the hairline, because a large number of nerve endings culminate at the scalp and the forehead. Some women also get excited when their ear lobes are softly nibbled on.

The eyelids are some of the less well known erogenous zones in women, but are worth exploring. And we’re not just talking about intensifying eye contact with one’s partner. A  gentle kiss on the closed eyelids can also work wonders. Continuing downwards, the neck ranks among the top 10 erogenous zones in women according to a survey among 800 participants. Stimulation of the neck can be particularly intense due to its comparatively thin layer of skin. Therefore, any lustful expedition should make a pit stop here. Interestingly, the armpit has a similarly thin layer of skin, which explains why it’s naturally covered in hair. That’s why Johnny stroked Baby’s armpit in “Dirty Dancing”!

The exploration of female erogenous zones next takes us to the belly button where countless nerve paths cumulate. Additionally, the belly button is connected to many other organs in the body and can therefore be a potent sexual trigger. The same applies to the back and particularly the spine. A woman’s thighs aren’t just for wrapping around a man’s torso during sex. Instead, the inner thighs are highly sensitive and gentle strokes can cause most women to experience pleasant chills. Gentle fondling of the back of the knees may also drive a woman wild as the area is highly receptive toward external stimuli. But let’s not forget about the feet. After all, these potential erogenous zones contain many pressure points which can lead to increased arousal when stimulated. Therefore, a good foot massage has the power to send strong sexual energy to the genitals.

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Male erogenous zones: more than a hard shell

When it comes to male hot spots, many erogenous zones tend to be identical for both genders. Men equally enjoy stimulation of their ears, neck area, eyes, armpits, thighs, knees and their feet. Surprisingly, the chest is a highly sensitive zone for men too. But partner’s ought to be careful when suckling on nipples as they can be more sensitive in men. It’s best to lightly bite or swirl the nipples with the tongue. Women aren’t the only ones who enjoy a good back massage – men do as well. In particular, stimulation of the sacrum below the pelvis can increase sexual excitement for male partners. Similarly, stroking the area between the belly button and the penis shaft can trigger waves of pleasure in men. And what many don’t know is that the fingertips are among the potential erogenous zones in men. Indeed, licking and sucking the fingers can be a surprisingly successful turn-on.

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What are you waiting for? Start exploring using all your senses!

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