Erotic Stories: Inspiring your imagination in isolation

Erotic stories

Times of stress can turn your libido up to max or send it running for the hills. Whichever way yours is headed, look beyond your four walls to inspire your desire with erotic writing.

Unlike porn, even the most explicit erotica leaves a lot to the imagination. That whole thing about your brain being the most important sexual organ? It’s true. Only with your brain in the right space will your body respond to physical stimulus, and there are bodies of research confirming that erotica increases sexual pleasure.

To help inspire your desire, I’ve put together a list of sexcerpts by bestselling authors. Pair your imagination with a great sex toy, and you’ll never want to leave home again. 

This scene from The Fling by Stefanie London

Emboldened by the fact that he’s still watching, I draw the hem of my T-shirt up higher. Cool air grazes my bare stomach, and I hold the material just over my breasts—teasing at what might be beneath without actually showing him.

This scene from Taste of Sin by Fiona Zedde

Her tongue curled around that finger, licking catlike at the sticky crumbs before pulling the digit into her mouth. Unseen, her tongue worked vicious magic, dipping into the flesh between Victoria’s fingers then retreated, only to begin a suggestive suck and release motion.

This scene from American Love Story by Adriana Ferrera

“Two can play at this game, Professor Denis.” That last word was more a gasp, and just the sound of him getting revved up made my balls tighten. I tipped the phone up so I could see what he was doing. His face was totally out of the frame. I heard him though, and with the way he was humming, my own breathing started coming faster. By the time I raised the phone to my eyes all I saw was Easton’s ceiling.

This scene from Billionaire Bosshole by Laura Lee

I wrapped my hand around her slim waist and pulled her into me so she could feel how hard I was. “That may be, but you want me anyway. Your pussy is dripping at the prospect of me devouring you with my tongue. Admit it, Miss Montgomery, and I’ll make that ache between your thighs all better.” 

This scene from American Queen, Sierra Simone

Ash catches me, positioning me so I can rest against his chest as Embry kisses me like he’ll never be able to kiss me again. I feel a tugging in my hair and I understand why Ash had me face Embry: he wanted to pull the elegant ballet bun loose and have my hair down and available for him. It spills over my shoulders in silky waves as Embry continues to ravish my mouth, his tongue firm and seeking, his breaths in between kisses fast and desperate.

Degrees of Control, Eve Dangerfield

He stared at her, his gaze lingering on her silk-covered breasts, her surely flushed throat. Charlie felt like an object, a pretty thing being presented for his approval. Why that made her pussy clench, she couldn’t say. A slow smirk spread across his face. “Come on in,” he drawled.

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Siobhan Fitzgerald is co-founder and CCO of the good sex story platform She’s put together a list of hot sexcerpts designed to stimulate your imagination.

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