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Most sex positions require a closeness and trust. Face sitting is certainly one of them. We have collected the most important information about this technique for you. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. 

What is face sitting? 

Simply, this practice simply means that one partner places their genitals over the face of another. It’s pretty self-explanatory really: one person sits on the other’s face.  

But, in practice, rarely are you actually sitting with all your weight on another person’s face. Not for extended periods of time – although there is a devoted community of human furniture fetishists who happily give up their faces, and parts beyond, for the purposes of another’s total comfort. Similarly, there’s a robust collective of ‘smotherers,’ whose primary interest is to be entirely covered to the point of asphyxia by another’s genitals. 

For most of us, the kind of facesitting we envisage is something more like face-squatting, and much of your bodyweight is distributed through your legs and feet. 

Facesitting is as old as time, is a sentence that I didn’t expect to write today. But it’s true, visual depictions and descriptions of facesitting are as old as recorded history and beyond, presumably a component of human sexuality since humans were first sexual. Chinese, Indian, and Egyptian antiquity are replete with artistry explicitly demonstrating that facesitting, in one form or another, was enjoyed by our ancient ancestors. There’s nothing new under the sun, people have been sitting on each other’s for millennia. And yet, today, we think of it as a niche sexual technique, reserved for fetishists and sexual adventurers alone.  

That doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, the British comedy troupe Monty Python produced a song called “Sit on My Face” in 1982, and has been stuck in this writer’s head ever since. In 1992, an American record label was fined $10,000 for playing the song publicly, deeming it ‘actionably indecent.’ That’s pretty representative of attitudes towards facesitting: in 2014, the UK government deemed facesitting to be so obscene that it was added to the list of sexual activities too extreme to be shown in porn in Britain. It prompted, hilariously, a facesitting protest outside the Houses of Parliament.

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So who practices face sitting?

First and foremost, people who are familiar with BDSM or fetish. Especially in the world of female domination, this practice is extremely popular. This is probably where the term ‘queening’ came from – in terms of the female dominant ‘queen sitting on ‘her throne’.  

The concept has a number of dominant/submissive themes that can apply to partners of any gender. The focus, of course, is on power fantasies: the upper partner has all the power and the lower partner is held captive, so to speak, being the “object” of sexual pleasure.

Face Sitting Techniques

Some femdom activities favor a clothed version of the queen. This is less about physical gratification and more about the power of the superior and the helplessness and frustration of the inferior. It is sometimes combined with other aspects of fetish play such as panty worship, squeezing, smothering, and breath play. And there are a variety of modern variations of “men’s face stools” available for purchase, now called “queening chairs.” 

 Benefits Of Facesitting 

Of course, facesitting is not reserved only for devotees of BDSM. Anyone can try this sex technique. And it comes with some tingling benefits as well…. 

It is psychologically empowering 

Even for those who are not interested in traditional BDSM power games, the feeling of control is still strong and empowering.  

It is physically empowering 

In many positions, the person being indulged with oral sex is at the mercy of their partner’s whims. In face sitting, they are in control. They can position themselves to be satisfied exactly where and how they want it. They can pull back or thrust forward to apply just the right amount of pressure to their genitals (or anus). 

It is intense 

The position with legs wide open ensures that there are no obstacles to direct clitoral stimulation. The result: particularly intense climaxes. In addition, the position allows easy and immediate access to the clitoris and other areas of the vulva, as well as the anus for those who enjoy both cunnilingus and rimming.

Face Sitting – This Is Important

Before getting started with a round of face sitting, there are a few things to keep in mind. The most important thing is that both partners talk openly about whether they really both want to try this practice.  

Because this act really requires a lot of trust. And take your time when you try it for the first time. Have the potential top partner get down on all fours over the bottom partner’s mouth, face down, and gradually lower the genitals to begin the oral stimulation. If all goes well, face sitting is a natural next step. Also important: Agree on a safe word that you will use to guide the experience. 

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