Female Erogenous Zones – Where Her Pleasure Points Are

Of course, everybody knows the main erogenous zones of the female body – the clitoris is an obvious one and so too are the breasts. However, there are still a few more places that can help heat things up. Here we travel with you on a brief expedition to these hot spots.

Where exactly can you find all of the erogenous zones on a woman’s body? Well, firstly, every woman is different. For this reason, the hot spots we reveal to you here do not necessarily apply to every woman. What might get one one woman going may have no effect at all on another. But we can tell you this much for sure: the vulva, clitoris and breasts aren’t the only spots that should be considered as the “female erogenous zones.”

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# 1: The Neck and Throat

Start your journey by caressing the throat and neck. Many women can actually get goosebumps when their partner spoils this area with kisses and nibbles. The skin here is thinner than the rest of the body and is therefore a lot more sensitive. Tongue play on the neck is often a normal part of foreplay for many people.

# 2: The Ears

There are an especially high number of delicate nerve endings in the ear lobes. It’s no wonder that this tiny body part is often an important erogenous zone for women. Try kissing, nibbling and licking and wait to see how your partner reacts. Even breathing a dirty word or two into their ears can also do wonders.

# 3: The Inner Arms and Armpits

Again, the skin here is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the body. You can work your way all the way up to the shoulders, if you’re into it. However, bear in mind that some people do not like it or worry about the way their body smells there.

# 4: The Navel

It’s especially worth making a stop at the belly button if you’re already on the way to the vulva to give some oral satisfaction. And rightly so, as this area is a common erogenous zone for women. There are quite a few sensitive nerve endings here and they enjoy being stimulated – either by tongue or the tip of your nose or both. An oil massage around the stomach area is also often a big turn on.

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# 5: The Ass

Even now in the age of body positivity, many women consider this area to be a so-called “problem area.” For that reason, some people are sensitive when touched here. It’s a pity because your bottom is one of the most erogenous zones in your whole body. Aside from the buttocks, this includes between the cheeks and your anus. There’s a good reason as to why so many women enjoy anal sex. Nevertheless, especially if you’re new to this, go slowly and maybe pamper the area with an oil massage. Then start exploring together.

# 6: The Thighs

The inner thighs are a short distance from the ass. A lot of women find it particularly arousing when their partner runs their fingertips gently along the inside of their thighs. It’s not even necessary to land at the spot between your legs, this is already exciting enough for a lot of people.

# 7: The Back of the Knee

Some people find touching and kissing the back of the knees a little uncomfortable. While others really get into it, some giggle and some people are just left completely cold. Either way, it is definitely worth trying out, as the spot behind the knees is still a common erogenous zone among women.

# 8: The Feet

Just because you involve your feet in your sexual interactions, doesn’t necessarily mean you have a fetish! Like cuddling, many couples also often play “footsie.” It’s no surprise as feet have so many nerve endings – this is why people are so ticklish on their feet. So it makes sense that a massage or even sucking on the toes can get a woman ready to go.

And what about men? Here our author highlights some of the erogenous zones on men.

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