Food to Eat Before Sex: It All Starts on Your Tastebuds

food to eat before sex

Planning on a seductive dinner for one or more? Find out which pleasure foods to eat before sizzling (solo) sex.

7 sensual foods to eat before–or during–sex

Eating certain foods before sex can boost your sex drive and amp up your stamina. Plus, eating these foods before sex might just become one of your most delicious foreplay experiences ever. Choose food that’s light, fresh, and sweet–such as fruit– and you’ll feel energized for hours on end. Whether you’re playing with yourself or a lover, these are the 7 best foods to eat before sex. Get a detailed shopping list and learn how exactly you can incorporate these juicy foods into your next playdate.

The 7 best foods to eat before sex

Anything that’s fresh, tasty, and handy is a potential food to eat before sex. Play around with a number of sex boosting foods to find your preferences. These 7 foods all work really well:

food to eat before sex This juicy fruit contains an amino acid called citrulline, which increases nitric oxide, a chemical that makes your blood vessels dilate, promoting blood flow to the penis. The melon’s natural sugar will also give you energy through the night, making it one of the best foods to eat before sex.

food to eat before sex Another great food to eat before sex is cucumber. Why? They’re high in water, which is so important for staying hydrated during sex.

food to eat before sex Cocoa contains polyphenol and phenylethylamine, mood-boosting substances the brain releases when we’re newly in love. Most people can’t get enough of it. This treat is the perfect food to eat before sex.

food to eat before sex The benefits of coconut oil are twofold. First, it’s a great food to eat before sex because it contains medium-chain triglycerides, a.k.a. healthy fats that your body can use as energy almost immediately. Second, it’s the perfect massage oil. A word of warning though: do not use coconot oil with latex condoms as it will break the rubber. The same goes for your sex toys: if you share them with others, use a condom and lube with water-based products.

food to eat before sex They contain an abundance of anthocyanins, a chemical preventing the accumulation of plaque on your arterial walls. Cherries further protect you from atherosclerosis and helps with increasing blood circulation to your penis, making them the perfect food to eat before sex.

food to eat before sex These sex boosting foods help increase sperm mobility and semen count. They also help with reducing bad cholesterol and contain an abundance of antioxidants that protect your organs from aging. A delicious finger food, grapes are the perfect food to eat before sex.

food to eat before sex With their high contents of vitamins A and B6, potassium, copper, and manganese, figs are an ideal food to eat before sex: all these elements help increase your body’s sperm production.

Now that we’ve got the 7 ideal foods to eat before sex covered, let’s see how you can use these sex boosting foods to stimulate your taste buds and rev up your desire.

A romantic date night idea that will surprise and delight your lover

If you’re searching for a new and mind-blowing experience that will amaze your lover, seducing them with these finger-foods is an awesome idea. This way, you can make the transition from eating food before sex to a satisfying romp effortless and fun.

Fruit, chocolate, honey, and ice cream are all great foods to eat before sex. They’re delicious, give you lots of energy, and are fun to play around with.

The most erotic way of eating is with your bare hands. Get dirty, go wild, and be spontaneous! Explore new sensations by licking, sucking, and nibbling these foods off of your lover’s naked body. Use the food to tease them with your fingers, lips, and tongue, until they can’t take it anymore and are begging for more.

A shopping list of foods to eat before sex

Here’s everything you need for a night of exploration and adventure that you and your lover will never forget. These items are available in most supermarkets.

Here’s what to get:

  • Dark chocolate
  • Coconut oil
  • Honey or ice cream
  • Fresh fruit (grapes, watermelon, figs, cherries, blueberries…)
  • Lube and condoms (if needed)

If any of these things are unavailable, substitute them with other sex-drive increasing foods you like. Remember, this way of eating food before sex is all about broadening your horizon, going on a sexual adventure, and getting turned on.

Now turn eating before sex into mind-blowing foreplay with these 7 steps

Here’s a super sexy feeding practice that will leave your lover drooling over your advanced sex-skills. Seduce them in a way they’ve never experienced before, expand both of your boundaries, and offer them new sensations that’ll make them go wild with pleasure.

By engaging their entire body, you’re arousing the skin’s natural sensitivity. This leads to a boost in the love hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for bonding and feeling fully connected. More connection leads to deeper trust, and deeper trust offers more openness, confidence, and sexual freedom.

So, are you ready to roll?

Step 1: Gather all the foods you’ve bought and want to eat before sex. Light some candles and play the music that gets you in the mood.

Step 2: Invite your lover to join you. Place a blindfold over their eyes and ask them to sit back in a comfortable position.

Step 3: Make them relax by explaining that you’re in charge now and that they don’t have to do anything other than enjoy and express how they’re feeling through their bodies.

Step 4: Select one of your favorite foods to eat before sex and offer it to your lover. Let them smell it. Tease them by touching their lips, allowing them to lick, suck, or bite into it.

Step 5: Notice how their body reacts. Pay attention to sighs, moans, and other expressions of pleasure. Verbally reflect what you see. Praise their lust and encourage their desire by telling them how much it turns you on to see them so excited.

Step 6: Feed them a variety of different foods to see which ones they like most. You could even put some ice cream or honey on their nipples or genitals and lick it off. There are no boundaries to exploration, just follow the clues you get from their body.

Step 7: Continue for as long as you like, but go 20% slower than you normally would. This will arouse them even more. Talk to your partner while you’re playing with them. Tell them how sexy they are and how good they taste. Praise them and their lust.

Food to eat before sex–the takeaway

The best foods to eat before sex are fresh fruits, such as blueberries, figs, and watermelons. They’re high in natural sugars, water, and certain nutrients that support stronger and longer erections.

Eat these fresh foods for an added boost before sex or incorporate them into your foreplay for a daring new experience that will leave your lover blown away by your advanced sexual skills.

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