Foreplay Fun: Cold Nights, Hot Tips and Tricks!

When the weather cools down outside, there’s no better excuse to stay home and keep warm with a cozy date night. Whether you want to have a casually romantic night for two on the couch or heat things up with something spicier, we’ve got the date night ideas for you.

#1. Netflix and Chill

Look, it might sound like an obvious idea, but it’s popular for a reason. Burrowing down in the blankets, lit by only the screen of whatever movie you’re currently ignoring – Netflix and Chill just works!

If you and your partner are actually interested in watching whatever is on the TV, choose something romantic and maybe even a little unexpected. Usually watching classic rom-coms? Try something in another language or older – something you can watch together for the first time. Really, our biggest tip here isn’t the genre or specific movie you choose, it’s more about showing you put thought into it and you’ve come up with some suggestions that demonstrate you know your partner’s interests and want to experience something new together.


#2. Toys, Toys, Toys

Do you already have a few bedroom buddies that you and your partner play with regularly? That’s fine, this tip still applies! Part of the reason we consider staying in at home for a date night as a little boring is that we can tend to fall into a routine. Why not make it clear that this night is something special by introducing a new element – aka a new toy.

Into something compact and easy to integrate into foreplay like a bullet vibe or a massager wand or have experience with wearables? Don’t worry, there’s even more toy types for you to explore. And if you’re new to the toy game, there are enough intuitive, easy-to-enjoy toys around that you shouldn’t feel intimidated about trying something new. Our tip is the We-Vibe Sync O. It’s worn during penetrative sex but sits so securely in place, that you can enjoy during foreplay without worrying about readjusting it with every movement. Plus (and it’s a big plus), the vibe is app-friendly so you can create your own custom vibes to suit whatever you have planned.

we-vibe sync o

Think Sync O

Powerful vibes with a compact, secure fit, this is the ultimate partner play wearable. Ready to dive in and discover your own Sync O experience?

#3. Beyond the Bedroom

When you think about date night at home, it’s pretty natural to want to end up in bed. But why does it have to be the bedroom? If you’re both comfortable with trying something new, spice things up and play somewhere that’s a change from routine.

The only limit is your imagination. Want to try food play? Head to the kitchen and a few new ingredients (literally) to your foreplay. Ready to try a new position that requires a chair? Get things started in the living room or on the couch. Even if you’re keen to make a splash, waterproof toys like We-Vibe Sync O mean that you can take the romance to a hot bubble by candlelight or the shower.

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