Go For Gold: 7 weird sex records you can break during quarantine…


While most of us browsed those shiny Guinness World Records books for close up photos of long, curling fingernails or someone jamming hot dogs into their face, there’s actually a whole world of more NSFW stuff – like these weird sex records. Let’s dive in…

Weird sex records: Longest period of masturbation

While some of us have definitely thought we broke a record or two when it comes to self-love sessions, the real record holder is Japan’s Masanobu Soto. His rising sun stayed risen for around 9 hours and 58 minutes. Pretty impressive, if not potentially inconvenient when it comes to going about your daily business…

If you want to try for this one yourself, we suggest some lube and a reliable toy with serious battery life that will save your hands some serious effort…

World sex records: Most orgasmic hour

According to a team of doctors, a women in 1966 orgasmed 134 times during one single hour. You might be wondering how that’s possible when the Womanizer PREMIUM only came on the market 50 years later. Of course, anybody who’s seen When Harry Met Sally might be raising an eyebrow…

“Guiness sex records”? World’s strongest vagina

Taking “girl power” to another level, Tatyana Kozhevnikova is the current holder of this unofficial record. Surprisingly, Guinness World Records don’t have this one on the books yet. Even so, Kozhevnikova demonstrated her vaginal vim and vigor by lifting 31 pounds on “The Body Shocking Show.”

Crazy sex records: World’s largest gang bang

Oh, you didn’t know the Annual World Gang bang Championships were a thing? Now you do! In 2004, Lisa Sparxx had sex with 919 men and a record was born…

Breaking your own weird sex records

If you want to push your own boundaries in the bedroom why not try out some of We-Vibes finest offerings below:

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World’s largest penis

Quelle suprise, it’s not the guy driving the bright yellow Lamborghini. It’s in fact Jonah Falcon, who sported an 8 inch penis when flaccid and 13.5 inch penis when erect.

Just to make sure you’re not getting lost in the numbers here, that’s almost as tall as a standard bowling pin, which measures in at 14 inches.

Biggest orgy

We’re heading back to Japan for this one, where 250 men and 250 women showed up to participate in the world’s largest single session of group sex. Of course, this was in 2006 when Covid-19 wasn’t a thing, so maybe postpone your attempt on this record until after quarantine…

Oldest male pornstar

As creeps across the world like to say, age ain’t nothing but a number. But in the case of adult film acting, we say it’s never too late to make your screen debut. Just take the example of Shigeo Tokuda, who first appeared onscreen in 1994 at age 59 and is now 84.

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