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Who doesn’t get a little anxious before a first date? And if it was a while since your last date, then there might be a few more butterflies. In particular, in times of Corona, this may be the case for many singles as dating has been bit difficult. But don’t worry, here are some great first date ideas during Covid and beyond.

Take a deep breath and keep calm

Of course, being a bit nervous is perfectly normal. However, some people really worry a little too much before a meeting Mr/Mrs. Right. Thanks to the contact restrictions of the past few months, we are all somewhat rusty when it comes to flirting and getting to know each other. German relationship expert and author Christine Janson also confirms this: “Corona has changed our dating behavior a lot. Because physical proximity to an unknown person can pose a health risk these days, many people have become more careful when they get to know each other. At the same time, singles in particular feel very lonely due to the lockdown and are craving physical closeness. They want to be hugged again or long for carefree sex. ”

Since we now have the chance for some exciting first dates again thanks to the corona restrictions being loosened, here are a few tips!

First date tips

Even if it is currently possible to meet other people, we should not forget that Corona is not gone. Christine Janson advises:

“If you are dating for the first time in a long time, you should also be very picky and careful despite the need for closeness. A one-night stand can be dangerous and it makes sense to get to know your potential lover a little better. Are they meeting many people, how carefree are they in terms of Corona and do they liked to drink at parties? Every person we approach can be a danger for us and our loved ones!”

Of course it is important to fall in love again and get to know new people, just do it with caution and read on for some tailored first date ideas for Covid.

First date ideas during Covid

Not only are the “rules of conduct” on a first date different, the choice of location should also be adapted to the current situation.  Concerts, dancing in the club or celebrating at a festival have been on and off the table for a while. But no problem, there are great alternatives like Christine Janson reveals. Here are her tips for nice date outside:

  • A walk in the country: In summer, a walk is a good idea. In the fresh air, the risk of infection is lower and it is also a lot of fun to enjoy this wonderful season together.
  • Picnic in the park: Arrange a picnic in the city park. Everyone can bring their favorite dish and so you will find out on the first date whether you have a similar taste!
  • Bike tour: how about a bike tour? Combine sporting activities and you can quickly see who is setting the pace and how sensitive the other person is. However, please select busy bike routes on which other passengers are traveling!
  • Mojito on the river: In many cities, there are small beach bars on the river and cafes. Enjoy a cocktail and imagine that you will soon go to the sea in Greece with your date. Would you like to be on a desert island with this person?
  • Open-air cinema: An open-air cinema can be particularly romantic on mild summer nights! When it gets cooler, you can always snuggle up …

As well as choosing super-safe dates outside, it might be worth brainstorming some virtual first date ideas, or ideas for first date activities at night or online. For example:

  • Watch the same movie on the same online streaming service together, at the same time. You can even simultaneously video call so you can chat during the movie or show.
  • Host a virtual dinner – order take-out to two different addresses and enjoy conversation over some good food.
  • Take part in a virtual event together, such as an online pub quiz or concert.

What are the biggest “no-go’s” on a first date?

Ultimately, just be yourself and don’t slip into a role just to please the other. If you really want to build a relationship, you should be authentic to find out if you really fit together. Some to remember: You don’t really know the other person yet, so you should take it slow. “Too much closeness can be dangerous on a first date and this is especially true in times of Corona. Take your time getting to know each other. An absolute no-go is meeting in an isolated place in nature, for example in the forest. No matter how much you want closeness and intimacy, safety always comes first! ”

Sex on the first date: yes or no?

Almost as old as the story of dating itself is the question of whether you should sleep together on the first date. While an old dating rule says that you shouldn’t have sex too early if you want something serious, there are also a lot of couples who get intimate right away. What is “better” now – also with regards to the current situation? Christine Janson has a clear opinion: “It is generally not a good idea to go home and have sex with someone on your first date. You have to be careful to protect yourself from not only Corona but also STDs. It is safest if you take a corona test together and only then get intimate with one another. Even if these obstacles seem a bit annoying at first, there are advantages to getting to know each other more slowly. You one-night stands that you regret the next day … “.

If you do feel like some hot games, just grab your favorite sex toy and think of your date… Something to look forward to for the next time you see each other!

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