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Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for many people – and that’s a good thing. We are trying to avoid garbage and ensure that  mainly organic products end up on our plates. But what about the most beautiful thing in the world? Can we actually make sex environmentally friendly Yes, we can!

What is green sex?

When it comes to our love life, we often think anything but sustainability. We often use latex condoms and they are not only poorly biodegradable but also often contain chemical products. Somehow the opposite of “safe sex”, right? Sex toys are also often made from non-degradable materials such as plastic. Green sex means knowing that for all of these things there are environmentally friendly alternatives. Just make sure that the toys do not contain any plasticizers or phenol, substances that penetrate the body and can irritate the sensitive mucous membranes. It’s a good thing that there are so many good alternatives in 2020 that won’t harm us or Mother Nature.

womanizer premium eco

Womanizer PREMIUM eco

Womanizer PREMIUM eco is the world’s first sustainable sextoy.

Tips for green sex in the bedroom

Keep your eyes open when buying sex toys!

Vibrators, kegel balls and penis rings still exist that would not pass a pollutant check. The reason is they are contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH), phenol, nickel or other dangerous pollutants.

The solution: Pay close attention to how the toy is made. The toys from the brands like Womanizer and We-Vibe are produced in a vegan-friendly way, which means free from animal products. In addition, only skin-friendly, pollutant-free materials such as body-friendly silicone are used. If you prefer something more “old school”, you can also use wooden toys – as long as these are made under fair conditions.

Womanizer DUO

We-Vibe Vector

We-Vibe Vector

Safe sex – with the right condoms!

Sex without a condom is often not a good idea. Sex with the wrong condom, too. Various studies in recent years have shown that latex condoms may contain allergy-causing latex proteins or even potentially cancer-causing pollutants. There is another problem: The rubber from which the rubbers are made is produced by plantation workers in Asia, Africa and South America – not infrequently under very poor working conditions. And if you live vegan, you have to be particularly careful when buying contraceptives, because some condoms contain the milk protein casein. Woah, there is a lot to consider! Good thing there are now some vegan condom labels whose products consist exclusively of fairly traded natural rubber. They are also free from flavoring and coloring agents and have not been tested on animals.

Free from side effects: natural lubricants

Lubricants often contain glycerin and this can cause unsightly fungal infections. The oil-based agents, if not properly removed, can attack the vaginal flora and even promote bladder infections. Bad for a product that is supposed to simplify our love life. Good news: There are also organically produced gels that are water-based and free of all pollutants such as parabens. Aloe vera, for example, is a perfect basis for lubricants, because the sap of the plant moisturizes really well without irritating the mucous membranes. Anyone who has ever treated sunburn with it can confirm that. And vegan lubes are a good option, too!

The pill: an environmental sin

The contraceptive pill is still the number one contraceptive for many women. Yet  it can not only cause unsightly side effects but also produces a lot of packaging waste. Only about 40 percent of the agent in our body is broken down, the rest ends up in the wastewater via the urine. Since the sewage treatment plants are unable to completely filter out the hormones, the level of estrogen in our waters rises. But here, too, there are green alternatives:

  • the coil, for example, which once inserted is considered a particularly safe contraceptive.
  • Measuring temperature is also an environmentally friendly method because by measuring the basal temperature every day you can determine your fertile days and know when you also need to use contraception and when not.

The right lingerie

What about our underwear? It’s our closest companion everyday so therefore a good reason not to let us know of any materials that may be contaminated. And unfortunately this applies to some of the commercially available lingerie. But today there are some wonderful ranges of organic underwear that not only feels good, but also looks great. It is definitely worth investing a little more here.

Masturbation as a pain remedy

Does your head hurt? Or are you experiencing some menstrual cramps? It’s easy to reach for the painkillers. However, there is a much better way to do it. One that is environmentally friendly – and also really fun. Various studies and surveys have shown that an intense orgasm can relieve pain and cramps. Endorphins are released, the body is better supplied with blood and feels happy and relaxed, too. Therefore, try reaching for a sex toy and masturbate rather than the painkillers. Womanizer even recently launched a Mentrubation Initiative in which participants try for a few months to use solo sex against menstruation complaints. We are all eagerly awaiting the results of this campaign.

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