Our Guide to Foreplay: How You Can Heat Things Up in the Bedroom


When it comes to sex, setting the mood and warming things up can be just as important as the main event. However, foreplay often doesn’t get the time or attention it deserves. In fact, a recent Canadian study revealed that the ideal time spent on foreplay for both men and women is 20 minutes. Despite this, most people reported spending only 10 minutes at the most on warming their partner up. How do we avoid falling into this trap? Let’s dive into some tips and tricks to keep your playtime exciting, easy and fresh!

Sex can become a bit routine in every relationship. One of the easiest ways to keep things interesting in the bedroom is to change your attitude to foreplay. Although it is often considered to just be the opening act, playing with your partner and setting the mood can be just as important as the headliner event. Find out more in our guide to foreplay…

Getting down to business

Taking your time to make sure your partner is comfortable and on the same page as you is an important part of a sex. Foreplay gives you the chance to shower them with affection and get them all revved up before diving into bed. For that reason, aside from the occasional quickie, creating time for more intensive foreplay is a great way to take your sex life to the next level.

All things are equal

First things first, it’s a cliché that foreplay is only for women. Men need just as much attention when it comes to getting things started. Try to spend a balanced amount of time on each other and make sure you’re both raring to go. This way, the sex will be a lot more intense and passionate from both sides.

Keep things fresh

Rather than stick to classic moves, try to surprise your partner with some fresh techniques. You can introduce role play with some light bondage, or maybe even enjoy an adult film together. Although it can be easy to fall into patterns and rely on old standards, taking the time to put in a little extra effort can turn your playtime up to 11.

The Suggestion Box

By checking out our guide to foreplay, you’ve already taken the first steps to improving your intimate time with your partner. If you’re stuck for ideas on where to start, here we have a few tips on starting things on the right note.

Be a copycat

Sometimes the best way to learn about your partner’s likes and dislikes is to mimic how they touch themselves. Try starting off by masturbating together and after you have seen where they focus their attention, take over and try out their technique for yourself. 

The Stranger Game

Although you’ve seen it on sitcoms and films, acting as strangers is actually a classic role play game for a reason. “Meeting” your partner at a bar or club gives you both a chance to live out your wildest fantasies – away from the inhibitions of routine and expectations. Of course, a little liquid courage doesn’t hurt either!

Get Hands On

Picture this: you’ve arrived home after a long day at the office and waiting for you inside is a warm, candlelit room and your partner ready to offer you a massage. Sounds like a dream, right? It’s actually quite easy to bring to life and a simple massage is a great way to add a sensual feel to your foreplay.

Our Handy Helpers

A surefire way to get your foreplay games on the right track is to introduce a few supporting players. Here we highlight a few of the best tools to help get your couple time started on the right note.

Ties and Scarves

The best ideas are often the simplest, so dive into your wardrobe and grab a scarf or tie. This makes for the perfect blindfold to try sensory play with your partner. Without sight, the other senses are heightened so your partner will be hyper-aware of any sound, touch and taste. 

We-Vibe Melt

Elegantly curved, small and specially designed for couples: We-Vibe Melt is the first Pleasure Air Stimulator from We-Vibe and fits perfectly in your hand. Therefore, the toy is especially easy to handle and fits perfectly in between you – no matter in which position you are at the moment. The We-Vibe Melt stimulates the clitoris and its sensitive nerve endings contactlessly and will surely make you lose your mind. Plus: It can also be controlled from a distance via We-Connect app. Get you going. Even when you’re not in the same city.

Good Enough to Eat

If our guide to foreplay has you feeling curious, look no further than your own refrigerator. Introducing sensual foods like edible body paint, fruit and even cream into your foreplay can add another layer of excitement to your partner play. Even bringing ice cubes or cold drink into the bedroom is a fun way to try out temperature play.

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