Hands Free Orgasm: Up Your Masturbation Game Tonight

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While there are countless techniques, going automatic definitely has its advantages when it comes to hands free orgasm.

Switch from manual to automatic with hands free orgasm

Self-pleasure with your hands is reliable. But even in masturbation, there’s room for innovation. If you’re curious about how to achieve no-hands orgasms, hands free masturbation is worth exploring. And there are plenty of ways to go about it–from hacking your body’s most powerful sex organ (your brain) to the latest sex-tech which will do all the work for you. Ultimately, hands free orgasm is all about the journey: giving yourself the time and space to discover what feels truly amazing.

3 ways to achieve a hands free orgasm that actually work

So, how do you go from zero to the big O without even laying a finger on your manhood? Here are 3 hands free male masturbation techniques that you can try tonight.


Tantra, or conscious sexuality, has been going strong for thousands of years, and hands free orgasm has its roots in Tantric and Taoist principles.

Closely connected to yoga, Tantra is a form of spiritual practice that combines sex and spirit. With sexual energy alone, practitioners can achieve intense pleasure and hands free orgasms. People who practice tantra cultivate their sexual energy over time by being sexually active without “peaking”, a.k.a. bypassing the ejaculatory or clitoral peak orgasm.

By preserving their sexual energy and directing it upwards into their bodies, they achieve prolonged and powerful orgasmic states through breath, intention, and movement alone–hands free male orgasm included. This hands free orgasm technique is a real departure from the good old instant gratification routine. Exploring tantra requires patience, curiosity, and a desire for novelty and adventure.

Erotic hypnosis

The recent explosion of the erotic ASMR craze has undoubtedly moved “hypnosex” up a notch. Stimulated by the right kind of audio, your brain’s Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response can induce a tingly sensation that starts at the top of the head and moves down the shoulders and spine, creating a feeling of euphoria.

ASMR sensations can provide a response of total well-being and bliss in your body that’s most often marked by gentle tingling sensations and deep relaxation.

Soothing sounds such as whispering, crinkling, and light tapping are the most widely known triggers of the so-called ASMR tingles. Add a sexy voice-over and low-frequency, vibrational tones and it’s not a huge distance from physical pleasure to hands free orgasm. A quick browse through YouTube and you’ll find thousands of erotic videos that promise curious men the experience of an ASMR hands free orgasm. If you’re curious, give it a try, but don’t get disappointed if you’re not experiencing mind-blowing, multiple orgasms at the get-go.

Whatever you’re listening to, the key to this type of hands free orgasm is mindfulness: breathing deeply into your genitals and perineum, and focusing on tingles, temperature, the pulsating movement of blood rushing to the area, and inevitably, building pressure.

Sex toys

Let’s talk about sex tech–because hands free orgasm doesn’t have to mean zero penis stimulation, right?

“If I had asked men what they wanted, they would have said faster hands,” is what Henry Ford would have said if he had invented sex gadgets instead of automobiles. And he would probably be right. Just as cars transformed travel, cutting-edge sex toys have brought some serious horsepower to male masturbation–and more and more men are catching on.

Speed, agility, power and new thrills: it’s no coincidence that the best male sex toys on the market look like modern sports cars. And for hands free orgasm, you can expect equally high performance. Thanks to sex toys, hands free ejaculation and hands free prostate orgasms are no longer an innovator’s dream but a reality for every man.

We-Vibe Verge

We-Vibe Verge

We-Vibe Ditto

We-Vibe Ditto

Check out these latest gadgets

Using sex toys is by far the best way to masturbate for many men. Why? Sex toys offer you a reliable, modern, and fun way of experiencing new and unexpected sensations of pleasure. What’s more: you don’t need to spend a lot of time learning and practicing new techniques.

Aerodynamic strokers go to work on your penis with customizable vibration settings. For the ultimate hands-free orgasm, you can even lie down and place the device on your stomach.

Slick holders not only offer a no-hands upgrade on the classic design but some hardcore torque in terms of automatic stroking movement. You can even synchronize some of the models available with VR or 2D content or your partner’s interactive vibrator – as if a supercharged orgasm wasn’t immersive enough.

For a P-spot experience, prostate massagers take on the hands-free orgasm from a different angle. If you’re new to this, get ready for sensations you might have never experienced before. Choose your comfort level: from finger-size to larger girths, prostate massagers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Hands-on versus hands-free orgasm

You may be wondering, “What’s the most fun way for men to masturbate?” With hands-free masturbation, your options are nearly endless, and each way of “getting there” is different.

You already know what it’s like to use your hands when masturbating, but how does this differ from the various methods of hands-free masturbation?

In tantra (a mindful, no-goal approach), you avoid ejaculation altogether, intending to use your sexual energy to open up to deep spiritual experiences. This can lead to full-body energy orgasms, which are, by the way, seen more like a pleasant side-effect rather than an end-goal.

Erotic hypnosis can lead to hands-free orgasm via auto-suggestion. The person speaking will program your mind to orgasm at the exact moment she says a certain code-word, such as “abracadabra.” When your subconscious mind accepts these instructions, your body follows along naturally.

Sex toys make masturbation and hands-free orgasm effortless, fun, and elegant. They don’t require a lot of time or practice and produce new, intelligent ways of stimulating your body. They help you to completely let go of control–you don’t have to do anything. Just lie back, relax, and let the toy do all the work for you.

hands free orgasm o-boy o-diaries

Hands free orgasm–the verdict

There are multiple ways for people with penises to experience hands free orgasm. Tantra with its multiple energy orgasms, erotic hypnosis that harnesses the power of your mind, and sex toys are just a few ways.

Another one is prone masturbation, where you lie face-down on your chest to masturbate. This technique is, however, less common. The fastest and most reliable way of getting to orgasm hands free by far is to use sex toys. With the vast multitude of toys available on the market, there’s something for every man. Start exploring!

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