The green alternative: let’s have sex to save the environment!

Sex um die Umwelt zu retten O-Diaries

Clean streets, fewer planes, no large cruise ships, and even dolphins splashing around in the lagoon in Venice. It’s a bit like Mother Nature hit the pause button in response to Corona to take a well-deserved break. But after the crisis, are we going to do the things that harm the environment even more just because we can?

womanizer premium eco

Womanizer PREMIUM eco

Corona and the environment

For weeks we have mostly stayed at home with our loved ones – and that has consequences. Some of them good: The air is suddenly much cleaner, bodies of water are clearer than in a long time without the constant shipping traffic, and the Himalayas are visible in India for the first time in decades. Electricity consumption has also decreased, simply because large companies such as car manufacturers have cut their production. On the other hand, people haven’t been able to do much else than go for a walk in the forest or in parks – and many seem to have forgotten to take their garbage back with them. If you wanted to have a coffee to go, you had to use a paper cup again, because for hygiene reasons it was not allowed to use the reusable cups. And the big question is: What’s next after Corona? Will people try to make up for everything they missed out on – the air travel, cruises, etc.? To prevent this, we have a few inspiring ideas of what nice things you can do instead. Guaranteed to be environmentally friendly!

Get intimate instead of polluting the air

Do you fancy a kick after all the boredom of Corona and are gearing up to book a really awesome cruise? Leave it. The next burst of endorphins is so close. Grab your loved one and have really good sex. You’re single? Then look for a “friend with benefits” with whom you can let off steam in bed (or wherever). It is much better than hanging around the buffet on a huge barge with thousands of other people.

womanizer premium eco

Womanizer PREMIUM

Womanizer PREMIUM eco is the world’s first sustainable sextoy.


We-Vibe Chorus

The chorus is considered one of the most intuitive couples’ toys in the world. Try it out together!

Womanizer DUO o diaries

Womanizer DUO

Thanks to the dual stimulation, DUO offers double the fun. Try alone of with your partner.

Kissing instead of plastic pleasure

You stroll with your partner through your neighborhood and suddenly you get a craving for a nice cup of coffee? For a long time you could only get it to go. Normally this is not a problem either – with the reusable cups Mother Nature is spared. But because of Corona, you can’t bring your own mug. And for now it’s back to the nasty plastic cup, which in large quantities is such a big burden on the environment. Our tip: Instead of caving to the coffee cravings, it is better to quickly kiss your partner. It makes you just as happy as coffee, gets your circulation going and even burns a few calories.

Home spa instead of a wellness hotel in Bali

Long-distance travel is not possible anyway, but many of us are so fed up with Corona and full of wanderlust that the flights may just land in the shopping cart. That flying is poison to the environment is not new – but you can also bring your wellness vacation home. Simply do up the bathroom until it looks like a posh hotel, and then enjoy a pampering program for whole weekend.  With fragrant deep baths, face masks, music, good food and a massage from the your partner.

Cooking challenge instead of ordering food

Ok, admittedly, delivery services saved many of us from starvation during lockdown. Or at least made sure that there was something other than spaghetti with tomato sauce. But all the packaging that ended up our doorstep is, unfortunately, anything but environmentally friendly. And a good reason to keep the calls to the delivery service to a minimum. Instead, it is a great time to finally learn to cook – at a really high level. Challenge your partner to a cooking duel. Add a little spice to the relationship and finally serve up something really good. Singles can challenge friends – at least now you can meet a few of them again.

Environmentally friendly masturbation

Giving yourself an intense orgasm is a good thing in itself. But it gets even better if this me-time is also environmentally friendly. For example, there are vegan sex products that are free of animal products. Sex toys from Womanizer and We-Vibe are all vegan and equipped with some great features. There is also the possibility to use vegan lube. Check them out.

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