How a humble sex toy changed my life

womanizer starlet

Masturbation was a rushed, dirty secret and often something that took me hours to relax enough into to even be able to get off. But when my marriage broke down in my early thirties, I decided, on a whim, to go online and buy an adult vibrator. And that was when my true journey of sexual and self-empowerment began….

Yes, it’s true! A sex toy changed my life

My new toy taught me many things, but first and foremost it taught me that, masturbation can be incredibly satisfying and stress-relieving and that sexual pleasure is actually brilliant when you get to know your body. It’s also not selfish, or dirty, or any of the things I’d been led to believe, growing up as a young woman.

I started to speak up in the bedroom

Emboldened by the pleasure my new toy had introduced me to, I spoke up for the first time in the bedroom with new lovers and guided my partners on how to please me. They were turned on by my confidence, and I was a walking ball of orgasmic euphoria. But it didn’t end there…

Once I was able to speak up for myself at my most vulnerable – and naked! – suddenly talking to my boss about that promotion I knew I was worthy of was easy. So was pulling up people when they attempted to interrupt me in meetings or undermine what I had to say because I was a woman.

My inner #girlboss

The more I spoke up for myself, the more my life improved. Suddenly, instead of just wishing things would be different, I was actively doing something about them. I knew m y worth, and I wasn’t afraid to state it. I can honestly say I’m a more confident, successful woman today because of that. Though I think most people would be surprised to learn my inner #girlboss wasn’t born in the boardroom, but in the bedroom, with a humble adult toy.

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womanizer starlet

Get to know… the Starlet

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