Replace sport with solo sex? Here’s how many calories you actually burn during masturbation

how many calories you burn during masturbation

Masturbation is healthy. It helps to stabilize your blood pressure, is good for the cardiovascular system and releases happy hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin. Solo sex is also said to help keep our bodies in shape, but how many calories could you actually burn this way? Does the ‘masturbation diet’ really work? Let’s find out.

Solo sex instead of the treadmill? Sadly, it’s not quite that simple. Masturbation cannot replace a regular workout, but that’s not to say you can’t lose calories whilst masturbating.

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Women can burn up to 300 calories when they orgasm. That’s because around 500 muscles tend to tense up during the climax. These muscles can contract up to four times their normal maximal power. And it doesn’t really matter whether you’re using a sex toy or laying hand on yourself – the female orgasm is really quite something!

Burn calories whilst masturbating? How it works for men.

In contrast to women, men only loose 150 calories when they masturbate. However, men release a larger amount of testosterone during masturbation. The hormone is known to exert a positive influence on muscle mass. In other words, men are more than welcome to frequently masturbate!

However, if you’d like to stay fit and keep your body in shape weight and cardio training should be an essential component of your fitness regime. Even though you burn calories during solo sex, your physical shape won’t benefit all that much. That’s not to say there aren’t many other healthy reasons to orgasm! Find out what they are by clicking the link.

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