How sex tech is giving you the best orgasms ever

sex tech

Our hands can do amazing things for our own body, but the innovation of new sex toys currently on the market are giving people experiences and sensations simply beyond what a pair of hands can manage. We have really come a long way from the simple bullet vibrator, and new tech is giving us some of the best orgasms we’ve ever had! Sex tech, refering to the amazing advances in erotic technology, is specifically created to enhance and push our sexual pleasures.

New tech for more pleasure

One great way that tech is enhancing our pleasure is through some very helpful apps! You can now control certain vibrators via an app on your phone rather than fiddling with buttons while you’re trying to lose yourself in sensation. Some apps can control speed, tempo and intensity all without having to adjust your vibrators position. This can be amazing for couples as one partner can control the app and in doing so, control their partner’s pleasure. This can also a handy tool for couples in long distance relationships, as the app can help turn good phone sex into toe curlingly great phone sex.

Vibrators are also getting some majorly cool upgrades, with advances in Pleasure Air Technology. For example, the Womanizer has changed the way we think about clitoral stimulation all together. Unlike other vibrators that touch the clitoris, the Womanizer is able to invoke pleasure without touching the clitoris directly. Instead it uses gentle air waves of pressure to softly suck on the clitoris, creating a new experience for our bodies as well as stopping the over-stimulation that can happen with a standard vibrator. Not only that, but you can now find toys, like the Womanizers DUO (which is the best thing ever, stimulating internally and externally, that incorporates smart silence and autopilot features.

Let me give you  the 411 on these features. The Smart Silence feature allows the toy to only start once it is in close proximity to your skin, move it away and it turns off on its own! Autopilot is also amazing as it takes control of your pleasure. Press the autopilot button and the Womanizer will take you on a journey through different intensity levels of stimulation. So you don’t have to be using the controls to wind up and down, let autopilot do it for you!

Empowered by sextoys

These innovations in technology are here to make sure that A) you are having an amazing experience in the bedroom, B) There is no ‘over stimulation’ or discomfort caused by your vibrator and C) You feel major pleasurable vibes, and you get what you paid for from your vibrator.

womanizer premium

Womanizer PREMIUM

Womanizer DUO

In-fact, Womanizer products are developed to empower you within your sexuality, and for all ages, stages and backgrounds. There are many poorly designed sexual wellness products on the market that have been developed without guidance from experts or required research and can sometimes be wayyyy too intense for our sensitive regions, resulting in overstimulation, pain and numbness.

Did you know that Womanizer actually launched the world first professional sex toy tester panel, called the MasurbaTEAM (and there are 6000 people on the team! Of different genders, sexualities and stages). They can decide whether they want to try new toys and VOILA! Self-pleasure for science.

Remember that as tech develops, the quality of the body-safe vibrators also do, and purchasing one is an investment into yourself/your sexual relationship. You get what you pay for. Invest in your sexual health.

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