How to squirt: How to have a squirting orgasm

squirting orgasm

Squirting orgasms can be a lot of fun but they have a lot of stigma and misinformation attached to them. It’s the reason many women never attempt one. Read on to find out how to squirt…

What is squirting?

What is squirting? Well, let’s get a few things straight first: squirting is not the same thing as peeing. I repeat: squirting is NOT the same thing as peeing. While it does come from around the urethra, female ejaculate tends to be mostly clear and not smelly at all, like urine.   

Every woman can achieve a squirting orgasm 

Secondly, every woman has the ability to squirt. And it feels ah-mazing. Did I also mention most partners find it a huge turn-on?  

If you’re still worried about the possibility of pee coming out, simply empty your bladder before sex. That way, when you squirt, you can relax in the knowledge it’s not urine. Also, if you’re worried about any potential mess or clean-up, simply lay a towel down on the bed before you start getting hot and heavy.  

Relax – and do not worry!

The most important thing you need to be able to do in order to achieve a squirting orgasm is relax. If you’re worrying about pee or smells or dirty sheets, it’s very unlikely you’ll reach climax at all. 

How to make a woman squirt? Well, have lots of foreplay to release some of that calming dopamine, then use two fingers or a toy to press against your g-spot. You’ll find it an inch or two inside your vagina, against the front wall. It should feel a little more soft and spongy than the rest of your vagina. 

Find out more about squirting effortlessly on SchoolOfSquirt.

womanizer premium

Womanizer Premium

Intensify the orgasm by using a clitoral toy like the Womanizer Premium on your clit at the same time, then just enjoy the sensations. Don’t put pressure on yourself to squirt the first time. It takes most women a few attempts. Be patient with yourself, and most importantly, relax and have fun! 

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