How To Use Arcwave Ion Male Masturbator

The O*Diaries team explores one of the newest and most exciting products to hit the market: the Arcwave Ion. Check out our definitive user guide.

Today, we are going to be exploring a new product – the Arcwave Ion. We will be looking at all the key features and showing you how it works. Let’s jump right in!

But first things first – what is the Arcwave Ion?

Arcwave Ion is a Pleasure Air stroker for men. What that means is you can combine manual stroking with stimulation. Arcwave claims to target what are called Pacinian pleasure receptors using Pleasure Air technology, offering a totally unique sensation. To find out if they managed this, check out our tester review.

This post will walk you through all the key features and offer you additional tips and tricks.

What is Pleasure Air stimulation?

Pleasure Air was developed by Womanizer and is world-famous for clitoral orgasms. Arcwave has re-engineered this technology for the male anatomy. With Arcwave Ion, this works via a sensor. As your penis makes contact with this sensor, stimulation will start automatically.

What to do before using Ion

Before you use the Ion, we would recommend applying a good water-based lube to both the product and your penis.  Why water-based? Water-based lube does not damage the silicone and is also generally kinder on the skin. So once you’re lubed up, you’re ready to go.

How to use Ion in 4 steps

  1. Hold down the + button for a couple of seconds to turn Ion on. By default, Ion will be in Smart Silence mode – this means that stimulation will start and stop automatically once the sensor notices skin contact.
  2. Use Lube. The more, the merrier. It gives you even more sensations and unique feelings.
  3. Insert your penis into the Ion and stimulation will start as you make contact with the sensor.
  4. Combine manual stroking with stimulation – it’s best to experiment a little and find what works for you.
  5. Increase or decrease the intensity with the + or – buttons. There are 8 intensity settings to choose from.
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Discover ARCWAVE ION Now!

Now you know how it all works, it’s time to pick up your own toy to take home. Pleasure Air, Smart Silence and versatile massage modes – what are you waiting for? A whole new kind of orgasm experience is waiting for you with the Arcwave Ion

Additional Tips

  • If you want, you can disable Smart Silence by holding both plus and minus buttons for about 2 seconds. This means that stimulation will be constantly on. Note that Ion will automatically turn off after 5 minutes of inactivity.
  • Ion is IPX7 waterproof which means you can enjoy it wherever you like, even under the shower.
  • Our testers report that it may take a little while to get used to this sensation because it does feel different to regular masturbation – but in a good way! Try the Ion at least 5 times to get used to the feeling. Read our full in-depth review of how Ion feels here.

After-care tips to keep Ion in great condition

After use, you will want to clean your product to keep it in good condition. Ion makes this pretty easy – you can just twist to open and the sleeve will separate from the device.  Ion is IPX7 waterproof so you can rinse the sleeve with soap and water and clean the device with a standard toy cleaner. Next, put the Ion back together and towel off.

Smart storage base

Ion comes with a storage base. So return Ion to the base and it will automatically start charging for the next time! The base features 3 LEDs that tell you the status of the charge.

The base also contains silica packs that suck up any last water droplets, which really helps the toy stay in great condition. These silica packs can be periodically replaced to ensure they dry Ion correctly. Refer to the detailed user manual for exact information.

Further information

That’s it! We hope you enjoyed our Arcwave Ion user guide. If you need more information, check out the detailed user manual available for download on the Arcwave website.

Find out what our tester team thought by checking out our in-depth Arcwave Ion review here.

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