Hypnotic Orgasms: Everything You Need to Know

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The connection between our minds and bodies is endlessly fascinating. Our brains are our biggest sex organs. All sexuality (especially female sexuality) begins in the brain. This is where desire is born. We start to think of sexual things or are exposed to sexual imagery and this sparks the stirrings of our desire for intimacy and orgasm.

The entire body and all of its nerve endings are connected through the spinal cord. If you derive sexual pleasure from having your nipples sucked or your head massaged, it’s quite probable that your brain is lighting up the genital-sensory-cortex portion of the brain.

Because of this deeply rooted psychological connection, it isn’t too far-out to imagine one could have orgasms entirely brought on by our minds. I’m talking about hypnotic orgasms.

There are many ways to orgasm

Let me preface this exploration of hypnotic orgasms by saying that no orgasm is better than any other kind. There’s a lot of buzz around the internet about how to have “different kinds of orgasms”. Everywhere I look there are tips for having anal, G-spot, nipples, and vaginal orgasms. Everyone seems to be after some high rated status of being able to “achieve” all of these different kinds of orgasms, as if sex were the Olympics and we vulva-owners are now expected to come at the drop of a hat. Let’s cancel this notion right off the bat.

Sex is about pleasure. It’s about fully experiencing everything in your body and mind so completely that YOU get to have the best experience for YOURSELF. If you enjoy anal, nipple, or cervical stimulation, that’s great. If you prefer one kind of stimulation over another, that’s great. The key to having good sex is exploring and trying new things. It’s about learning about yourself and what you like. Which brings me to hypnotic orgasms. I decided to explore the basics of erotic hypnosis to give you a taste of this interesting way to explore your sexuality, if you decide that it sounds appealing.

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We-Vibe Nova 2

Nova 2 is like a kind of solo sex meditation. Just try…

What is erotic hypnosis?

You might have clicked on this article thinking this was some kind of crystal-toting nonsense thing that wacky sexologists made up, but you’d be wrong. Hypnotic orgasms are most definitely a real thing. “Erotic hypnosis uses trance and suggestibility to enhance or intensify our sex lives,” explains Hypnotist, Jo Gowda (aka: Hypno Jo).

You may also wonder if “hypnosis” means you’re basically a sex-zombie who will succumb to the will of the person doing said hypnotizing, but that’s not really how it works. “After being guided into a relaxed and focused state of hypnosis, a client may experience time distortion, a relaxed heaviness in their body, and/or numbness or tingling in their extremities.  Clients are not asleep and are aware of their surroundings,” says Eli Bliliuos, a certified hypnotist and founder of the NYC Hypnosis Center.

Basically, erotic hypnosis takes you on a psychological journey to help remove sexual blocks, aide in sexual issues like erectile dysfunction and, yes, give you hands-free orgasms in some cases. It’s not about “hypnotizing” someone to make them do something, it’s about using the brain to unlock sexuality to its fullest extent.

How erotic hypnosis was achieved

Getting erotically hypnotized is actually pretty straightforward. A hypnotist uses erotic hypnosis techniques to guide your mind into a state of relaxation. Bliliuos uses everything from progressive relaxation techniques, to confusion, to guided imagery. This helps take clients into a totally relaxed state.

It’s like guided meditation, but like, sexy.

Gowda says that “You can start with visualising yourself sitting in some home cinema watching  a film of yourself making love… and if it is not what you want , then SEE it the way you WANT  it, in detail, clearly, add some moans and groans to HEAR in your mind, the taste, smell of the partner… and then STEP into this image and BE that person… what do you feel?… (…)  And naturally it occurs, that  the stronger the mental image, the more emotional engagement in it,  the more response in your body.”

Who is this for?

The truth is, anyone can be erotically hypnotized as long as they’re open to the practice. It’s extremely important that everyone involved fully understands what the practice is and consents to being a part of it.

Bliliuos says that nearly everyone can enjoy erotic hypnosis as long as they’re fully aware that they aren’t relinquishing control to the hypnotizer, but are engaging in an exercise designed to help them feel more sexually connected to themselves and/or a partner.

And there are a lot of benefits! “Hypnosis can help almost everyone with improving intimacy and overcoming challenges like erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation, and shame. Intimacy can be improved by releasing inhibitions (while not changing your morals or boundaries) and intensifying sensations/orgasms. Hypnosis is effective because orgasms, and our beliefs related to intimacy, are triggered by the mind,” Bliliuos explains.

Tips and tricks to practice at home

Just to be clear, erotic hyonsis can work for everyone, but not everyone is going to achieve an orgasm this way. Hypnotic orgasms are not really the goal here. The goal is enhanced pleasure. As I mentioned earlier, different sexual stimuli work differently for different people. It can, however, increase your sexual responsiveness and create more engaged sexual feelings. It’s definitely worth trying.

Getting started is as simple as popping on a YouTube video designed for erotic hypnosis. You can erotically hypnotize yourself alone using a guided erotic videos or your partner can take you on a mental journey into this semi-trance state.

If you need a video suggestion, Gowda loves this one:

“We can learn the skill of putting ourselves into a trance, by repetition and practice, it is a skill of relaxation. All hypnosis is about learning how to put yourself into hypnosis,” Gowda says. Basically, this is something you can totally learn to do, as long as you practice. It’s like any learned skill, you need to perfect it to make it worthwhile.

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