Is Masturbation a Sin? The Truth about Self-Pleasure

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Is masturbation a sin? It’s something that many people seem to have a view on. We bust the common myths.

Why Masturbation is not a sin

Masturbation can mean so many different things to so many different people. A source of self-pleasure. A way to relax and unwind. A way to feel happy and confident in yourself.

But not everybody sees it that way.

Some interpretations of some religions are okay with masturbation, some aren’t. Some don’t mention it, making it a bit of a gray area.

It might be due to upbringing. Some people may not have access to information about masturbation. Some might wonder “is masturbation a sin?” purely because they don’t know much about it.

The fact is, some people may ask themselves “is masturbation a sin”, while others will not. Some will be confident in their views, while others will have questions and concerns about masturbation.

And that’s okay. That’s life. The most simple reason why masturbation is not a sin – surely a great and all-powerful God would have more important things to think about than whether you touch yourself or not?

What is masturbation to you?

Masturbation is something you do in your own time. When you think about what masturbation is to you, you have a better chance of answering the question of why masturbation is not a sin.

It’s a personal thing. Masturbation is something you do to please you, to make yourself feel good. There are lots of reasons you might do it and, when you think about them, it becomes clear that masturbation is not a sin.

There’s no right or wrong way to do it—masturbation is not a sin, it’s about personal choice.

Here are a few reasons why you might masturbate:

Masturbation helps you explore your body

Masturbation is a wonderful way to explore, learn about and understand your body. From what feels good to what feels amazing. Masturbation is in no way a sin because it can enhance your personal knowledge of what feels good, and make you feel better about what you are capable of. That improvement in confidence and pride in your body can have so many good benefits.

Masturbation makes you feel happy

Statistically, most men will masturbate at some point in their life. It makes you feel good, and so masturbation is completely normal, just like so many other things that leave you feeling contented.
Masturbation can release pleasure hormones – such as endorphins or dopamine—into your system, immediately improving your mood.
Knowing that you can self-play yourself to bliss means masturbation is not a sin. Leaving the house with a positive mindset means you’re better equipped to face the day. It’s something you should consider as part of your daily routine for a better, more positive way to approach life.

Masturbation is good for you

As well as making you feel good, masturbation is the safest form of sex. Myths that masturbation is a sin and can affect eyesight or fertility are also completely wrong: masturbation is only ever good for you.

It can be relaxing too—the natural chemicals in your body mentioned above can also work to cancel out pain. You can feel more restful after masturbation. Is masturbation a sin? No—it’s safe, re-energizing, and can refresh you to deal with whatever life throws your way.

How masturbation can improve your love life

Masturbation can also give you a chance to express your desires and improve your love-life. You can discover what turns you on, and what you enjoy most.
Touching and caressing yourself is a natural way to be intimate. You might even have a favorite sex toy or two to enhance the mood. Aerodynamic strokers, penis rings, or high-tech anal vibrators? Customized pleasure has no limits.
A healthy and positive sex life can also improve and enhance your current or future relationships and shared happiness overall.

In this way too, masturbation is not a sin: it’s a gateway into discovering your true self, your desires and the ways in which you can express them.

When it has so much going for it, from health benefits to personal happiness and development then no, masturbation is not a sin.

Knowing these facts should make it clear that masturbation is not a sin. That’s the key thing: knowledge.
The more you learn about masturbation, the easier it is to see that it can be a vital part of your self-care routine. Something to embrace, to make life better. Masturbation is not a sin—it’s a natural way to look after yourself.

And with anything in life—be it a sport or a hobby—the more you indulge, the better it gets.

Why does masturbation feel so good?

We’ve already touched upon the benefits to health and well-being.
But here’s something else–masturbation is great for the mind. It’s good to explore healthy fantasies in your own time and to indulge your imagination. Healthy mind, healthy life.

Masturbation often leads to climax: one of the most amazing natural highs possible. Think about that: a natural high in a natural way. There’s no shame in that whatsoever. Masturbation is not a sin, it’s a natural way to feel your best.

Masturbation doesn’t have to end in climax every time. Just touching yourself and exploring your body can make you feel great.

The best way is your way

There are also so many ways to play. The fact there’s a multitude of methods for you to explore and enjoy adds even more excitement and thrill to masturbation.

From lying back to standing up, crouching or kneeling; from using your hands, dry, or with lubricant: one of the bonuses of masturbation is that you play your way. Add some variety to the ways you pleasure yourself. Experiment. There’s no right or wrong way to do it. You could consider using a high-end sex toy to add mind-expanding new dimensions to playtime.

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We-Vibe Ditto

Sex toys for men: enhance the way you play

Sex toys for men are now better than they’ve ever been. Better designed and better to use: today’s sex tech turn up the pleasure levels and make good times into great times. They’re just as easy to carry around as a phone or wallet, so you can get happy on the go. Small wonder that so many men are adding a sex toy to their arsenal of gadgets.

There’s a good reason why they’re called sex ‘toys’ too – it’s all about playtime. About taking time daily to enjoy yourself and have fun. Making the most of what life has to offer you.

The truth about masturbation

To conclude, is masturbation a sin?

When it has so much going for it, from health benefits to personal well-being and development then no, masturbation is not a sin.

It’s a natural, normal way to enjoy yourself. Give it a go.

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