Let’s Talk About Male Anal Orgasms!

For all the penis owners and penis lovers out there, we need to talk about male anal orgasms. First, let’s be clear that gender exists on a spectrum. Male will be used in the context of this article to mean male assigned at birth as the prostrate is found in people born with a penis. However, there are many ways to play with anal stimulation for everyone to enjoy. But first, let’s take a closer look at what the prostate’s role in male anal orgasms.

What Is the Prostrate?

The prostrate is a small internal gland located inside the anus. It serves both a reproductive and mechanical function. As part of the male sexual response, the prostrate creates fluid that is then mixed with sperm from the testicles to create seminal fluid. Its mechanical function acts as a switch between urination and ejaculation. When massaged or ‘milked’, it can play a powerful role in pleasure – especially when it comes to male anal orgasms.

We-Vibe's Vector+

The P-spot and male anal orgasms

For people with a penis, the P-spot is the like the G-spot for vulva owners. The P-spot can be found about two inches inside the rectum. Feel for a hard spot about the size of a walnut on the side of the rectal wall facing the penis. The prostrate has thousands of nerve endings which makes male anal orgasms a powerful addition to the pleasure palette. There are also potential health benefits to regular male anal orgasms, as they can flush out the prostrate to expel toxins as well as stimulate blood flow for improved circulation in the penis.

The prostate’s internal nerve endings connect to the perineum. This is the textured area of skin between the anus and scrotum sometimes referred to as the ‘taint’. Vulva owners also have a perineal area located between the vaginal opening and the anus. If you haven’t explored perineum stimulation and play, the added layer of sensations to penetrative sex or as a standalone experience offer a whole new level of pleasure! But let’s take a more in-depth look at how to massage the prostrate for mind blowing male anal orgasms.

Dual Sensations with Vector +

First, we need to recognize traditional heteronormative views as historically equating anal play with sexual orientation. Let’s debunk this myth and reframe prostate massage and male anal orgasms as being all about adding new dimensions and sensations to sex. Being open and explorative in the name of creating a more fulfilled and exciting sex life is something we can all benefit from – regardless of sexual orientation. And of course, prostrate massage and male anal orgasms might not be your thing, but why not experiment to find out? As we make our sexual journey, learning our ‘yes’ and our ‘no’ are equally important.

Tips on male anal orgasms:

Start fresh. There can be some anxiety around anal play, so preparing the rectum with an enema or anal douching can help relieve any worry about potential…well, poop to be a part of anal play. It’s also important to make sure fingernails are trimmed and if using prostrate massagers like We-Vibe’s Vector+, they’re ‘ready to go’ clean. And of course – lube, lube, lube!

Start slow. As a prologue to prostrate play, start with massaging and stimulating the external perineum area. With lube, apply pressure, gently massage and pat the perineum to stimulate and experience new sensations as part of getting comfortable with anal play. You can also include other forms of pleasure and arousal, like oral sex to integrate known ways you get turned on into a new experience.

Be patient. Whether you’re partnered or solo, know that this might take a bit of testing and trying out different positions and forms of stimulation to find what works. Focus on pleasure first and having a male anal orgasm as a bonus. Deep breaths and consciously relaxing are also integral to exploring prostrate massage. Slowly insert a lubed up finger inside until you or your partner can feel its hard walnut sized shape. Curl the finger or fingers back in a ‘come hither’ motion or try back and forth like a windshield wiper.

Grab a toy. Instead of fingers, toys can be a great team player in the world of male anal orgasms! We-Vibe’s Vector+ is an anal rabbit vibrator designed for dual stimulation of both the prostrate and the perineum.

The Vector+ is designed to target both the perineum and prostrate with deep rumbly vibrations. It also offers a range of patterns and intensity to curate your P-spot male anal orgasm. Plus, the base is flexible to find a snug fit contoured to your unique shape. Apply water-based lube to the toy and slowly slide it inside. Vector+ is waterproof, so prostrate massage and male anal orgasms might just become a part of your new shower routine.

Anal Play Is For Everyone

Even if male anal orgasms are off the menu for you, anal play can be enjoyed by all pleasure seekers. External and internal stimulation to the anus can include licking, rimming, and massaging with fingers or toys. For toy play, anal plugs come in all different shapes and sizes, but We-Vibe’s Ditto adds in versatility and vibrations. Its small size and design take any intimidation out of sharing intimate moments with yourself or a partner.

Discover the Ditto

Most importantly, remember that exploring new sex practices and ways to play takes time and curiosity. If you’re a penis owner, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to have a male anal orgasm right away. Celebrate the smaller steps you’re taking as part of your pleasure journey. The same applies to all forms of anal play – enjoy the process and pursuit of pleasure just as much as what comes at the end.

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