Libido Enhancer for Men: It’s All About Your Hormones

Libido enhancer for men

Many products and websites are promising magical libido enhancers that work overnight. But the truth lies within you.

These libido enhancers are produced by your own body

Looking for a gimmick-free libido enhancer? Here’s great news: you’re sitting on the most effective libido enhancer ever–your testicles. They produce the male sex hormone testosterone (T). The secret to boosting your T levels lies in cultivating a few simple but highly effective habits. Keep reading to get the latest lowdown on your body’s libido enhancer testosterone.

Enhance your libido by balancing out your hormones

Your body’s hormones are like a seesaw. When they’re perfectly aligned, your body is healthy and your sex drive is high. But when they are unbalanced, you may be experiencing lower libido and other health problems.

The most effective way to sustainably enhance your libido is to boost your testosterone levels and keep your body’s stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) in check.

Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. Mostly produced in your testicles, this libido enhancer affects your physical appearance, overall health, and sex drive.

Millions of men experience lower testosterone levels

Low T affects at least 13.8 million men worldwide, with a significant number of those being men in their 30s. Low T results in erectile dysfunction, low libido, moodiness, and fatigue.

If you’re looking to increase your libido by raising your T levels, the following 5 tips will help you achieve this. As you’re boosting your libido enhancer T, you’re also increasing your sex drive and your overall health.

Ready to get started?

Boost your body’s own libido enhancer testosterone with these 5 highly effective habits

Libido enhancer #1: Diet

Your diet plays a huge role in T production. A hormone-friendly meal plan includes plenty of healthy fats and proteins. Also, go easy on the refined sugar and processed carbs. For a higher sex drive, try eating these libido enhancers more often:

  • Favor foods high in saturated fats (like eggs, butter, beef, nuts, and coconut oil) and low in estrogen (avoid all soy). Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower can reverse the effects of T lowering estrogen.
  • Eat plenty of leafy dark greens (spinach and kale). They’re high in magnesium and zinc, both minerals that support T production.
  • Snack on Brazil nuts. These healthy fat-bombs are high in selenium, an important mineral that aids the production of the libido enhancer T.
  • Go easy on the java. Caffeine increases cortisol, which counteracts the effects of the libido enhancer testosterone.
  • Add some herbs. If you’ve already optimized your diet, try adding in some libido-enhancing herbal supplements.

Pro-tip: Certain foods boost your stamina so you can last even longer in bed. Eat these right before your play for prolonged, more intense pleasure.

Libido enhancer #2: Exercise

Exercise is a great libido enhancer because it builds muscle and decreases body fat. A higher body fat percentage lowers T by converting it into estrogen. The more muscles you have, the higher your libido enhancer testosterone will be. To boost your sex drive with exercise, try this:

  • Move more every day. A sedentary lifestyle is detrimental to your (sexual) health and well-being. Play sports and walk or bike wherever you can.
  • Lift weights 3-5 times a week. Focus on exercises that train large muscle groups. These are the ultimate libido enhancers as they give you the biggest increase in T. Squats, deadlifts, and bench presses are best.
  • Do HIIT 1-2 times a week. HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. Studies have shown that this type of training is a great libido enhancer as it raises T levels even further. Sprints and box jumps are ideal.

Libido enhancer #3: Stress management

Having elevated cortisol over prolonged periods will lower your libido enhancer T. As a result, your sex drive will take a beating. To lower stress and elevate your libido, try this:

  • Meditate twice a day. Ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes after work can do wonders for your sex drive. No need for a fancy program–just sit, close your eyes, and focus on your breathing.
  • Get enough quality sleep. Your body produces almost all its T while you’re sleeping, so aim for 8-9 hours. Get into a routine (i.e. 10 pm to 6 am) and stick to it. Avoid coffee in the pm to help you wind down earlier.
  • Get a massage. Human touch helps you relax. It’s a superb libido enhancer not only because it can be sensual, but it also raises oxytocin, which counteracts cortisol.
  • Take cold showers. Saunas with ice baths are also great if you have access to them.  One study recorded an increase in men’s libido enhancer T after they took cold showers. Plus, cold-treatments build self-discipline and resilience.

Libido enhancer #4: A clean lifestyle

Many common household chemicals contain endocrine disruptors, which wreak havoc on your hormones. They’re especially damaging to the libido enhancer T. To prevent toxic overload, do these things whenever you can:

  • Avoid plastics. Use a stainless steel water bottle and store all your food in glass containers.
  • Eat organic. Pesticides and hormones in your food can imitate the T lowering hormone estrogen. If organic is not an option, try to get hormone-free meat and dairy.
  • Use toxin-free grooming products. Most toiletries contain parabens, another chemical that disrupts your libido enhancer T. Most stores carry organic products, so shop around to find a brand you like.

Libido enhancer #5: Sexual exploration

A U.S. study found that having multiple sex partners radically boosted libido in men. This may be due to a greater sense of freedom, exploration, and adventure.

Sex is another great libido enhancer. More sex equals more T, and more T makes for a higher sex drive.

Here’s how you can incorporate more sexploration into your life:

  • Switch it up & flirt without the guilt. If you’re single, changing partners often can be beneficial for the production of your body’s libido enhancer testosterone. Just make sure you’re protected while you’re having fun. If you are in a relationship, initiate an open dialogue and discuss what’s okay. Think about it–aren’t you more attracted to your partner when you feel free?  After all, your enhanced libido will benefit them as well.
  • Try something new. Tantra, BDSM, or sex toys, Whatever tickles your desire, give it a shot. Novelty and excitement increase the libido enhancers testosterone and dopamine–so why not try a new gadget? A high-end stroker gives you the most pleasurable, comfy, and deeply satisfying sensations you can get.
  • Make self-pleasuring part of your daily routine. When you’re sexually active, your T levels rise. When your T levels are high, your sex drive is high, and vice versa. For more fun and excitement wherever you go, incorporate sex toys into your daily life.

Natural libido enhancers–the takeaway

If you’re a healthy man, you don’t need any artificial creams or anabolic steroids to boost your testosterone. Your body is already producing this important male sex hormone by itself.

All you need to do to enhance your libido is to support your body’s innate intelligence by living a healthy lifestyle. With the right foods, proper exercise, and regular self-pleasuring, you can enhance your libido for the rest of your life.

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