Lily Allen Steps Up to the Mic On Self-Love and Womanizer Sex Toys

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Topping the charts since her 2006 debut, Lily Allen has a well-earned reputation for being being direct and honest about what’s going on with her – both in her music and sometimes even her personal life.

So it’s no surprise that her open nature extends to that once taboo topic: masturbation. “My Thoughts Exactly” was published in 2018 to immediate acclaim and received particular praise for the singer’s readiness to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly without a filter. While the book does go into darker periods of Allen’s life, one of the highlights is when she reveals the newfound joy she discovered due to masturbation – especially with her favorite toy from Womanizer.

From “Smile” to self-love

Although she’s no longer the teen in ballgowns and sneakers, Lily Allen continues to be a refreshingly honest presence in pop culture and on social media too. Followers of Lily’s Instagram were stunned in the past few years when the singer took to the platform to share her love of sex toys with her 1.2 million followers.  And not just any sex toy – it seems Lily is a fan of the Womanizer range.

When it comes to Womanizer, Allen recognizes the numerous benefits of regular, intense orgasms. As she recently said on her Instagram stories,

“I’m not joking when I say these things have changed my life.”

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Womanizer LIBERTY by Lily Allen

Lily Allen and Womanizer have joined forces to develop a unique sextoy, the Liberty by Lily Allen.

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For any viewers who were concerned this was just the latest celebrity sponcon, Allen reassured them that this wasn’t a sponsored post or paid ad. Instead, it was simply that she loved the toys and thought her followers would too. After all, if you discover something that good, would you keep it to yourself? Or, Allen puts it, “I think we should share our good discoveries with each other and these things are important.”

In the meantime, however, Lily Allen and Womanizer have joined forces, because they find only something good can come from so much mutual enthusiasm. The result is the limited LIBERTY by Lily Allen Edition, which clearly bears the signature of the lively artist in terms of design. In terms of features, this special LIBERTY offers all the usual advantages of a practical travel toy.

So is Allen really on to something?

Are sex toys and orgasms really so life-changing? In a word: yes! Not only are the physical and mental health benefits of orgasms well-documented, orgasms are an important form of self-care.

With women reporting lower rates of orgasms than men, it’s more vital than ever to encourage women to pursue their right to orgasms. After all, just like Lily says, “these things are important!”

Why Womanizer?

With a focus on closing the orgasm gap, Womanizer’s clitoral suction toys aim to make orgasms more accessible than ever before. By simply harnessing the magic of air pressure, Womanizer’s groundbreaking Pleasure Air Technology massages the clitoris – without any direct contact.

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