Lingam massage – let’s talk about it

Lingam Massage

Massages go hand in hand with eroticism like bread and butter or cheese and wine. Maybe you’ve already heard of lingam massage and asked yourself, what’s this all about? The techniques are based in relaxing, movements designed to pamper your partner. Our author discovered this and more…

Last weekend, I thought to myself: magic really lies in “the first time.” Doing something for the first time is always fresh, exciting and exhilarating. It’s always fun, because it’s unfamiliar. Do you remember your first kiss, your first driving lesson, or even your “first time?”

The older you are, the more rare these “first times” become. It’s important to make a conscious decision to add in exploration and to try new things. When I thought about what areas of my life had potential for a little more spice, I found inspiration completely by chance.

My friend Frederik recently got a new girlfriend. This means he is currently having a lot of sex. The other day, when he was once again boasting about their ‘sexcapades’, I found myself perk up with curiosity. He mentioned being touched by his girlfriend in a new way that I had never heard of before. He called it “Tantric Lingam massage.” My interest was piqued – could this be the chance to experience something for the first time all over again?

Lingam massage – it’s all about the penis

Frederick told me that Lingam is a Sanskrit term for the penis. At its core, lingam massage is a penis massage. Erotic massages play a central role in the Indian teachings of Tantra. Tantric massage and Tantric sex is intended to bring you closer to physical, mental and emotional unity.

What makes the Lingam massage particularly interesting is that having an orgasm is not the focus. It can happen, but doesn’t necessarily have to which can make it all the more enjoyable. Also, there are quite a number of techniques to experiment with to find what works for both people.

23 techniques for lingam massage

Lingam massages include over 20 exercises to stimulate the penis. Their names alone are already intriguing. Here are my own top 4:

  • The Cross-country Skier: The thumb moves from the base of the penis to the glans (head or tip), all the while exerting gentle pressure.
  • The Corkscrew: This one uses both hands. One holds the testicles, while the other circles the head or tip of the penis.
  • The Fire Maker: Just as you would in making a fire, both hands stretch out across the penis and rub gently back and forth.
  • The Wring Out: Acting very gently, wrap both hands around the penis, making subtle “wringing out” movements like you would a wet cloth.

If you want to take a closer look at this topic, you can always find a lot of information online. For example, CHEEX is a sexual wellness platform offering live tutorials on lingam massage or check out this article. I also discovered a poster that depicts and describes all of the techniques. There are even massage services that offer lingam massage as part of their Tantric massages.

“Keeping it fresh” is – especially during sex – an attitude that results in fun and fulfillment. My personal conclusion after “making fire” and “wringing it out” is that I liked it! It is indeed possible to bring a bit of magic back. There are many exciting things waiting out there for you. You just have to explore a little…

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