How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work – Tips & Quiz!

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Sex is great. And important. It’s the foundation, glue and icing of most happy partnerships. But how do long distance relationships work in this respect? When your better half lives miles away, being spontaneous is out of the question and it’s left to weekends to squeeze in everything that you had no time for during the week. Check out our tips for long distance relationships! 

Sex in long-distance relationships: Can you find happiness through happenstance?

The short time spent together is usually filled with other plans, like meeting up with friends and exploring the city. There is often not that much time left for the most important matter of all. Sex in long-distance relationships can really be hard to schedule. Some people claim that weekend meet-ups keep things fresh. According to this theory, there is less everyday boredom and stress and instead more longing and passion. If only it were that easy!

How do long distance relationships work?

This is often the exact issue. The days are counted down until you’re finally on the road towards a romantic reunion so it makes sense that all of the expectations have added up and the sex can become a little anti-climactic. Even worse, many couples begin to feel almost estranged from one another. The question “how do long distance relationships work?” doesn’t just have one answer. Of course, it’s not easier with sex and long-distance as it can take a while to feel close and connected again – and by then the weekend is almost over.

What can we do to stay close to our partner?

These days we are available around the clock for each other. We can call each other 24/7, send GIFs via smartphones and constantly reassure ourselves of a relationship. But there is so much more we can do. We can try new things – whoever is thinking of classic phone sex or webcam action should realize there are even more exciting options thanks to technology! We can even have sex with each other from two different locations.

A great solution: sex toys for long distance relationships

Long distance sex toys are often controlled by a smartphone app, with some apps now even pairing two phones together so that one person can control the other’s toy from afar. LA to New York? No problem! The professionals call this “Long-Distance Control.” So if you are in a long-distance relationship and shopping for toys, make sure to ask more about products with this feature!

Enjoy real sex from two different locations with the “We-Connect App”

An app that is perfect for this is “We-Connect.” Made by the innovative We-Vibe, this app is compatible with a number of exclusive sex toys.

Two features that make the We-Connect app truly innovative are Beat mode and Touch mode. Beat mode matches the vibrations of your favorite toy to the music of your choice. Touch mode translates every movement on-screen to a unique vibration, even allowing the creation of custom stimulation patterns. Get creative – dream up some sexting ideas for long distance relationships and get connected online with the app!

Sex in long-distance relationships – an interactive experience

If you both have toys that are app-friendly, you can synchronize them and remotely control each other’s. Now add the live chat mode and camera and voila: accessible sex for long-distance relationships! With We-Connect toys, you kill two birds with one stone: sex is always possible, whether you’re together or separated by miles. And you’ll never lose your sense of intimacy as you can enjoy romance 7 days a week! Who knows, in the end you might have more fun apart with your private sex toy connections than all the couples sitting beside each other on the couch every day of the week.

We-Vibe Moxie

We-Vibe Moxie

Moxie is a truly wearable device. It is placed in your underwear and provides clitoral stimulation. Whether you’re at home or on the road…

we-vibe chorus

We-Vibe Chorus

Chorus by We-Vibe is the most intuitive sextoy of the world. The toy is easily integrated into the love play with the partner.

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