Make Masturbation Great Again – 5 New Positions

Happy spring shout out! The flowers have emerged from their winter sleep and the trees have gone from bud to bloom. It’s all ripening on the bough and getting juicy! I say we take some inspiration from nature and plump up our pleasure practice. How, you ask? Masturbation, my dear! I curated my top five positions from Womanizer’s Insta to boost your masturbation techniques – let’s put a little sultry swing in our spring step, yes?

Starting out with flexibility practice! If a full back bend is challenging, you can always grip a chair with your free hand for added support. For clitoral kisses, the Premium 2 is perfect for tantalizing yourself to climax. Or try the OG for deep g-spot Pleasure Air stimulation. The Showcase position is all about opening yourself to the world and claiming your sexy self! Tip – practice deep breathing in rhythm with your thrusts, grinds and orgasm for an ecstatic ride!

Lunch time home office quickie? Opening Up can be spontaneous and wildly satisfying. I suggest pairing this position with Womanizer’s Pro40. With 6 intensity levels to cycle through, this powerful clitoral vibrator can meet your pleasure demands for toe curling orgasms. There’s something special about midday masturbation – relaxing, yet energizing and sure to put a mischievous smile on your face for the rest of your work day.

Bed time is better with the Hump Day Cowgirl! Start with a steamy bath, followed by a full body rub down of your favorite scented body oil. A little self seduction goes a long way. Find a good angle with your pillow to grind and play with depth using a toy like the InsideOut for deeply satisfying blended orgasms. I dare you to scream your own name as you climax!

The Snake position absolutely screams for the DUO 2. This rabbit vibrator offers dual stimulation for both the clitoris and the g-spot for a wickedly delicious ride. Grind, wriggle and thrust your way to a full body orgasm.

We end with another yoga inspired masturbation position. The Butterfly can be very relaxing and dare I say…spiritual? Channel your inner sex goddess with the help of Womanizer’s clitoral vibrator Pro W500. With 12 intensity levels and an added sparkle of a Swarovski crystal, shine bright like the diamond you are!

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Originally from the wilds of Oregon, Alexis Smiley Smith moved to Berlin to sow her wild writer oats. Sex tech and pleasure exploration knocked, she answered and the rest is her-story. Turn on tastes include 90's electro, terrace gardening and 'almost too ripe' peaches.