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Men are dick-driven – at least according to the common claim. Admittedly, reaching for his crown jewels will rarely fail to have an effect, but there are so many more male erogenous zones worth exploring. For those adventurous enough to stray from the center of lust, a whole new world of sexual pleasure awaits, knows our author.

Men are judged on the quality of their seductive skills through the intensity and diversity of their foreplay. Often, a combination of gentle touching, intensive fondling, selective pressure and passionate kissing gets her going and earns him a round of applause.

But what’s the deal with male erogenous zones? Judging by experience it’s not really a topic that even makes it onto the priority list for most women. In most cases that’s not tragic, because conventional penetration still achieves the desired result. However, a little detour to explore a male partner’s erogenous zones can be worth it.

Whether you’re looking to spice up your sex life or increase the duration of pleasure, try to shift focus away from the penis during foreplay. Instead, trigger one of the many male erogenous zones to make his toes curl.

Male erogenous zones – head to toe and back

In general, we tend to differentiate between specific and non-specific erogenous zones. The specific zones feature a higher density of nerve endings, which are responsible for increased sensitivity to touch and sexual arousal. Besides the genitals, specific erogenous zones also include the armpits, eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

But that’s just pure theory. At the end of the day, everyone reacts differently to various types of stimulation. To find out what gets him going, just start experimenting. One word of advice: don’t forget that the line between lust and laughter is thin. Touching an erogenous zone can sometimes feel ticklish. If he starts to giggle, don’t sweat it; just move on to the next hot spot and drive him wild.

The Frenulum

While this might sound like a total mystery, chances are you are already very familiar with your frenulum. The underside of your penis is one of the most sensitive spots on your body and can be the source of a different type of orgasmic pleasure.

In fact, the recent innovations from Arcwave have created a toy that focuses on this specific area. Not content with the average stroking motion of the standard male masturbator, this company uses targeted air pressure to create a suction around the underside of the penis. What follows is a more sustained, intense orgasm and, from what we have heard, something that must be experienced to be believed.

The 10 hot spots of the male body

  • Nipples: The nipples are among the most sensitive body regions for men and women alike. Using your hands or your tongue, gently stroke or tweak the nipples increasing the pressure as you go along.
  • Thighs: Touching the insides of the upper thighs can quickly lead to success. Give the area a gentle massage with your hands or tongue, and he’s bound to express his gratitude later on.
  • Perineum: The perineum is the area between anus and testicles and an ideal spot for a gentle massage. He’ll be screaming with happiness.
  • Fingers: The fingertips have a relatively high concentration of nerve endings. Get him going by sucking or licking his fingertips.
  • Glan: Hold the penis tight and gently massage the glans using your tongue or lips and he’ll be guaranteed to experience fireworks.
  • Frenulum of the foreskin: During extended oral sex try circling the frenulum of the foreskin softly with your tongue. Move back and forth between the glans and the frenulum for the ultimate tandem of lust.
  • Prostate: The prostate houses the male G-post. It’s advisable to use sex toys when stimulating this area which can often lead to orgasm.
  • Stomach: If your kisses are travelling south from the lips take a pit stop at the belly. Between belly button and penis, you’ll be stimulating an area with lots of sensitive nerve endings.
  • Neck: The neck is an excellent spot to begin your sexual journey of the male erogenous zones. Gentle blowing, kissing, sucking or licking – your fantasy knows no boundaries.
  • Testicles: The thin skin surrounding the testicles means that this area is particularly sensitive and offers ample opportunity for stimulation, from a soft massage to oral excitation. He’ll go wild in no time.

If you don’t try, you can’t succeed, as the adage goes. The same goes for the male erogenous zones – there’s no guidance book on the topic. After all, every man will react differently to stimulation of his erogenous zones. You’ll only find out what he likes if you give things a try. So, go ahead and explore the male body in all its facets, proving once and for all that women are just as great in the art of seductive foreplay as men.

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