Male Prostate Stimulation: How to Unlock Better Orgasms

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Ready to upgrade your pleasure rating to premium? Here’s everything you need to know about male prostate stimulation.

Why male prostate stimulation really hits the spot

Nobody says no to a free upgrade – be it a hotel room, a travel class, or an orgasm. So, what if we told you that when it comes to masturbation, you’ve already got the keys to take your pleasure rating from standard to premium? All it takes is a little experimentation.

Do men have G-spots? Hell, yes – and, it’s all about the prostate. Male prostate stimulation can provide more intense, longer-lasting, and even multiple or full-body orgasms. It’s the kind of earth-shattering, jelly-limbed, starry-eyed orgasm that women experience. But unlike the female front-page favorite, the male G-spot is criminally underrated.

What is the prostate and why massage it?

Simply put, the prostate gland is that firm, walnut to plum-sized, bump you feel on the upper wall of the anus when inserting a finger a couple of inches deep. Its job: to secrete a fluid that makes up most of the semen.

Male prostate stimulation, or prostate milking, is a technique to greatly enhance sexual pleasure. Popular with men of all ages and sexualities, it’s amazing both during masturbation and play with a partner.

Any initial awkwardness you might feel about male prostate stimulation will disappear once you experience this magical gland’s XXL pleasure potential. Many men compare male prostate stimulation to the onset of a typical orgasm. Now imagine that feeling ad infinitum… or ejaculatum. And all without laying a finger on your penis.

How to do male prostate stimulation in 5 steps

Ready to open the third eye of your orgasm? Here’s our step-by-step guide to male prostate stimulation.

1 . Better preparation, better orgasm
Think of male prostate stimulation as the haute cuisine of masturbation. It takes ample time and preparation to reach a mind-blowing sensory experience.

To get the most out of male prostate stimulation, allow yourself one to two hours of solitude. Turn off your devices to rule out unnecessary distractions.

It’s a good idea to take a shower, including a light douche, up to an hour prior to male prostate stimulation. Thoroughly wash your hands, and trim and file your nails to avoid any accidental cuts or tears. Don’t skimp on water-based lube to ease insertion. Optionally, you may want to apply a latex glove for further protection.

Many men love to calm the mind and body with relaxing music, or a few minutes of deep breathing or meditation. Word to the wise: none of this will seem overkill when you’re transcending orgasmic space-time with male prostate stimulation.

2 . Get to grips with your anatomy

Before you go all-in with male prostate stimulation, get to know your personal anatomy and comfort level with a finger. All men are different – the prostate gland could be anywhere from two to four inches inside your rectum. Apply lube generously to both your finger and the area around your anus.

Everything is better in slow motion – including male prostate stimulation. With the possibility of multiple full-body orgasms, who would want to rush it anyway? Take time to relax the rectal muscles by stroking the anus or gently pressing as if it were a doorbell. If you feel any discomfort, pause and try again, apply more lube, or stop altogether.

3. Meet your magic gland

When you’ve found a comfortable position, it’s time to start searching for that magic gland. Generally you’ll find it a couple of knuckles deep, on the upper wall. Firm and round, it should feel different to other areas.

If you’re having trouble finding your P-spot, try getting aroused before you begin male prostate stimulation. When engorged with blood, the prostate will get harder and larger – just like your erection. If you still can’t find it with your finger, chances are your prostate is deeper, in which case, using a prostate massager should make it much easier.

4. Ramp up the pleasure factor

Whether or not you use a prostate massager is up to you.

But if you’re searching for a truly first-class orgasm, using a toy for male prostate stimulation offers some added bonuses.

Not only are massagers specially shaped and angled to locate and stimulate the prostate with minimum effort. They also offer an enhanced range of movement and control to up the prostate massage pleasure factor.

If you’re new to male G-spot massagers, don’t be put off by the larger business end of the toy. After all, that’s the part that does most of the stimulating. Lube it up well, take your time, and it should feel much more comfortable once inserted.

To enjoy your sex toys longer, always opt for water-based lubricant. Water-based lube helps protect the surface of silicone toys.

5. Get down to business

Repeat step 2 for optimum insertion. Starting with a finger will also help you to fully relax before inserting a toy.

If you’re using a finger for male prostate stimulation, gently massage the prostate in circular or back-and-forth motions. Alternatively, apply gentle pressure with the pad of your finger in intervals of up to 10 seconds until you orgasm.

Pro tip: when using a massager for male prostate stimulation, practice Kegel exercises for added control and intensity. Contracting and slowly releasing your pelvic muscles – as if holding in urine – will strengthen them over time. This technique will move the toy up and down, stroking the male G-spot. Stronger contractions will increase the sensation.

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Male prostate stimulation is like a premium gym membership

Male prostate stimulation is the epitome of practice makes perfect. Look at it like a premium gym membership: the more committed you are to mastering the technique, the better results you’ll get. Except, it’s all from the comfort of your bed. From enhanced sensation to an orgasm onslaught, the pleasure possibilities really are limitless.

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