Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Review

The pioneers of pleasure, Womanizer, have joined forces with an utter feminist icon, Marilyn Monroe, to create a gorgeous new toy in several covetable colors. This can only mean one thing – an ultimate review covering everything you could possibly need to know about the Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Pleasure Air vibrator…

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition: The Background

Marilyn Monroe has always been a symbol of style, individuality and femininity in a world that often tries to suppress the light of its brightest heroes… One can’t help but imagine how Marilyn would have thrived in today’s more accepting culture. The swinging Sixties were not all that swinging for a lot of people, and even a superstar like Marilyn Monroe struggled against the constraints of her era… But it’s a new era for pleasure. Womanizer, the inventors of the groundbreaking Pleasure Air technology that gifted orgasms to millions all over the world, seem like the natural choice for a collaboration with Marilyn Monroe. Both are true innovators, classics in their field – the slogan for the toy, I. Am. Original. rings very true – and lovers of pleasure, design and old-school glamour are sure to love this venture.

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition: Features Overview

  • Pleasure Air Technology
  • 10 intensity levels
  • Body fit
  • Afterglow feature for a sensual finish
  • Full soft-touch ABS surface
  • Body-safe silicone head
  • USB cable with magnetic charging pins
  • Whisper quiet
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • 2 stimulation heads in different sizes
  • High quality cotton storage bag
  • Charge time: 120 minutes
  • Run time: 3 hours

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Features in Detail

Phew, there are so many cool features to talk about with this toy – let’s have a look at them in laser focus…

Pleasure Air Technology

Pleasure Air Technology is Womanizer’s invention – and one that is directly responsible for a gazillion orgasms worldwide – which uses waves of air pressure to create a truly irresistible suction sensation on the clitoris, much more like good oral sex than manual masturbation. For many people, once you get a suction vibrator there’s no way back to lesser sensations – Pleasure Air, don’t care!

Whisper Quiet

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition toy is almost totally silent, meaning that it stays discreet if you’re only managing to grab a few minutes shut away in your room / bathroom while there are other people in the house. One note of caution – the sucking is made louder when using lots of lube, so keep that to a minimum if silence is what you’re going for. However, the toy can do nothing to keep YOU quiet as you fly, chest pounding to your third, fourth or fifth orgasm….

10 Intensity Levels

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition starts out soft and gentle then revs up to an impressive power level. Test it out on your finger before using and you’ll swear you’d never be able to handle the high-octane top setting, but once you get warmed up, you may find yourself saying yes, yes, YES to the upper end of the intensity settings.

Waterproof (IPX7)

A super awesome feature – taking a sex toy into the bath is surely one of the most sacred Me-time rituals on the planet – which keeps you and your toy safe when things get wet. And, let’s face it, things are definitely going to get wet with this pleasure machine around… On a more practical level, the waterproofing means that Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition is really easy to clean – you can wash it under running water with soap or a toy cleaner.

New Color Choices

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition is available in 4 colors; a stylish selection appropriate for the Marilyn  Monroe collaboration and certain to tickle the fancy of followers of chic. There’s a bold Vivid Red and a cool Mint if you’re feeling a monochromatic moment, but the coolest choice available IMHO are the classy marble offerings –  in white or black. This marbled design is something I’ve not seen from Womanizer before and I’d love to see future toys provide color and pattern choices that are more interesting like this.

Full Soft-Touch Surface

The toy is coated in soft-touch material, which makes it feel extra, extra good, both in your hand and on your intimate areas. Skin-safe, silky to the touch, both the aesthetic and the tactile sensations of this toy are a delight, conjuring up a sensual rush that’ll have you swooning.


This is an awesome feature, meaning that the toy automatically switches to its softer, gentler settings to offer a warm finish after climax. Very useful, in fact, given that once you orgasm with this toy, it can be beyond your capabilities to fiddle with buttons (or do anything except bask in that glorious post-orgasm feeling)…

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition: What’s In The Box?

The box for the Marilyn Monroe Special Edition toy is an event in itself – several different covers are available, each with a gorgeous, black and white image of Marilyn herself. Open the glamourous cover and you’ll find your brand sparkling new toy and a few vital accessories:

Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition toy

  • 2 stimulation heads in sizes M and S
  • Magnetic pin USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Storage pouch

It’s worth noting that Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition has an impressive five year warranty, so you’re covered if anything isn’t up to Womanizer’s usual high standards (unlikely). The toy is rechargeable and IPX7 waterproof, so you can take it into the bath or shower without worrying about damaging the toy. It’s always a good idea to pick a rechargeable toy because messing around with replacing batteries just is not the one, hun.

How To Use Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition

The Marilyn Monroe Special Edition works just like their other Pleasure Air clitoral stimulation toys. Get in the mood and add a little water-based lube to your vulva to reduce any friction and get the toy into position. Place the stimulation head of the toy over your clitoris and turn the toy on. Start on a low setting because this toy packs some POWER, and increase the intensity to suit your mood / impatience until you reach orgasm. Repeat until you’re satisfied.

Is Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition Worth The Money?

PRICE: 129USD / 149CAD / 119GBP / 129EUR

As someone (perhaps me) screamed in a moment of ecstasy using the aforementioned toy, YES. It may be a lot of money for the initial outlay when you compare it to other, cheaper toys on the market, but a Womanizer toy is a real investment. And an investment of the best kind – an investment in sexual pleasure. Most importantly, you’re getting what you pay for – the durable motor, the soft, ultra-hygienic silicone, the eyegasm-worthy design, and, of course, the original and best Pleasure Air technology.

Most rules are there to be broken, but there’s one that always holds true – if something is for intimate use, you can’t afford to skimp. Cheaper materials let bacteria in where they can multiply (gross!), whereas Womanizer silicone is non-porous, easy to clean and always safe on skin. You’d give careful consideration to which human beings to have sex with, so why not give the same thought and care to choosing a sex toy? It’s self-care, it’s Me-time, it’s worth picking a toy that makes you feel GOOD, and you have to pay a little more for that. That’s my philosophy anyway – and one that Marilyn herself would surely approve of.

If you want a waterproof, high performance toy that’ll give you orgasms for many years to come – and with a little twist of classic Hollywood glamour – you really cannot do better than Womanizer x Marilyn Monroe Special Edition.

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